Attractions at Disney World Animal Kingdom you need to check out in 2021!

Golden Jubilees call for a celebration! During Walt Disney’s 50th anniversary, Disney World is expected to go all out for this monumental occasion.

In 2021, Walt Disney World will celebrate its 50 fun-filled years. This will be the right time for you to join the bandwagon and take a trip to this wonderful theme park. On your trip to Disney World in 2021, we recommend visiting the Disney Animal Kingdom as you will get to experience many new attractions and events.

Below are seven attractions that you should visit while in Disney World Animal Kingdom in 2021.

Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney World Animal Kingdom

The exhilarating Flight of Passage attraction will take you on an adventure through the far-off planet of Pandora. This one is deemed as Disney Animal Kingdom’s best attraction. In this thrilling expedition, you get to ride on a Banshee to take a closer look at the marvellous landscape. To prove that you are a true Na’ vi hunter, make sure you have a stronger bond with your Banshee!

Na’vi River Journey

This is another attraction located in Disney Animal Kingdom’s Pandora. This mystical river ride, in a woven boat, leaves visitors in awe. The rustling of animals and the sight of exotic plants add to the beauty of the mysterious, alien, bioluminescent rainforest. Eventually, you join the Na’ vi Shaman of Songs and feel the positivity spread by their music.

Disney World Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro’s Safaris

An animal kingdom is incomplete without safaris! Disney World Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safari is an 18-minute journey to the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, which is home to 34 species of animals. These animals live in picturesque open plains, forests, and wetlands. On your way, you will learn fascinating wildlife facts shared by your expert guide.

Expedition Everest

Yet another amazing attraction at Disney World Animal Kingdom to visit on your Animal Kingdom VIP tour. This roller coaster ride transports you to a Tibetan village located at the foothills of Everest. In the hills, you encounter a yeti, a massive Himalayan monster. Fast drops, dark caves, and high speed, all come together to give you an adrenaline rush!

Kali River Rapids

Be ready to get drenched on this thrill ride! You cannot afford to miss this ride when in the Disney Animal Kingdom. It’s an unguided raft trip down the Chakranadi River. Before dropping into the gushing geysers and drifting under the waterfalls, you’ll come across a lush jungle. This ride tries to convey a message of conservation as it eventually brings you to the deforested landscapes.


If you want to time travel on your Animal Kingdom VIP tour, then this is the ride for you. The storyline of this ride dictates that you are recruited by a palaeontologist for a secret mission. You are given the task of bringing Iguanodon, a dinosaur, back to the present. You board a Time Rover vehicle and wander through a forest filled with menacing dinosaurs. You have to be careful as a meteor is about to crash down.

Maharajah Jungle Trek

This attraction will make your Animal Kingdom VIP tour even more memorable. You can roam around in the jungle, observe the cascading waterfalls, and watch more than 50 species of birds. You will also see tigers, Komodo dragons, water buffalos, and many more interesting animals in this walk-through animal exhibit.

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