How will the Disney World crowds be when Disney re=opens?

Millions of Disney World and theme park fans alike are itching to take a vacation so they can enjoy Space Mountain, Galaxy’s Edge, Mickey Mouse ears, and Dole Whips once again. The good news is that we now have official reopening dates. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will reopen on July 11th, followed by Epcot and Hollywood Studios on July 15th.

The question a lot of people have been asking themselves is what Disney World crowds will look like once the reopening has become a reality. Although it’s impossible to say for sure, there are a few factors that will be important to consider.

Capacity Will Be Limited for a While

Although many people are looking forward to getting back to normal and taking a vacation, Disney World crowds will definitely be lower than normal immediately after the reopening. This is because they’ll only be allowing the park to operate at 50% of its capacity at first. Then, after an as-of-yet undetermined amount of time, the capacity will increase to 75%. Therefore, if you’re ready to take a trip to Disney World, that will be the perfect opportunity.

Some People May Be a Bit Wary

Even after theme parks begin to reopen, it won’t mean that the coronavirus pandemic will be over. It’s going to be on the minds of a lot of people for quite some time, which is why Disney will be taking several precautions to keep people safe. Many travelers are ready to head out to Disney World right now, but others will definitely be on high alert. Vacations may be postponed and Disney World crowds could remain low for a while.

Summer Vacations Will Still Happen

Disney World crowds are always a lot heavier during the summer because of an increase in family vacations. Even though the past few months have been difficult for a lot of people and rules that include social distancing and face masks will be part of Disney World attendance after the reopening, you can still expect a lot of summer vacations happening at the park. The limited capacities will help, but it’s probably going to be busy regardless.

Disney World Tours Make a Difference

When it comes to getting a VIP experience, Disney World tours are impossible to beat. There’s a good chance that many families will be signing up for a private tour to ensure that they get the most out of the park this year. Third-party Disney VIP tour guides will help you plan your itinerary, skip long lines, program your FastPasses, book Disney hotel reservations, discover places to eat, and other amazing perks.

Post-Summer May Be Back to Normal

There’s a lot of indications that point to the coronavirus pandemic easing up a bit over the next few months. If this occurs, then the post-summer Disney World crowds will likely increase as more people resume their normal lives. The big change is likely to come once capacity restrictions increase or end completely because more people will be allowed to attend and tensions will very likely have dissipated to a much higher degree.

Holidays Will Likely Draw Big Crowds

Many families visit Disney World during the holidays every single year and there’s very little reason to think that 2020 will be an exception. There are still big events planned for both Halloween and Christmas this year, and those Disney World crowds often rival the summer season. There’s no way to know exactly what the pandemic situation will look like, but you can bet that Orlando’s theme parks will be busy for the holidays.

Contact World Class VIP to Avoid Disney World Crowds

Disney VIP tours are an absolute must for anyone visiting Orlando. Disney World crowds may be low for a while, but the park will eventually get back up to speed. Our guides can help you get the most out of your trip for the reasons listed above, call (407) 270-3784 to receive a private VIP Disney tour quote!

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