What goodies can you get at Disney World gift shops?!

Giving souvenirs to friends and family is an age-old tradition. Whenever we come back from vacation, our friends usually expect us to get a handy little gift for them. When you speak of going to Disney World, they would have even higher expectations from you!

The craze for Disney’s souvenirs is immeasurable, and people even brag about their countless collections.

If you are planning to visit Disney World soon, you should definitely head over to the following Disney World gift shops. From these most popular Disney World gift shops, you can get special Disney treasures for your loved ones.

Zawadi Marketplace

Located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Zawadi Marketplace has some really unique grab-and-go items that you can give to your loved ones. Not only is this the best Disney World gift shop, but it can also be your go-to place if you have forgotten to pack some basic toiletry items.

Zawadi Marketplace has some of the quintessential Disney merch that your friends would love to get their hands on. The gift shop is larger than the ones at Walt Disney World resorts and has fascinating cultural artefacts like African masks, carvings, and drums. Along with t-shirts, mugs, and binoculars, the gift shop also sells plants you can take back home.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori also ranks on our list of the best Disney World gift shops. Located in the Magic Kingdom next to Columbia Harbour House, Memento Mori is completely devoted to The Haunted Mansion attraction based on a 2003 horror comedy movie of the same name.

It goes without saying that this shop is the best if you want to take back some spooky souvenirs. Not only does it contain ordinary gifts, but guests can also take back home a lenticular photo of themselves, which turns into a ghost. A hardcore Haunted Mansion fan or not, you have to visit this eerie shop!

Marketplace Co-op

Going to Disney Springs? Do not miss Marketplace Co-op. This is one Disney World gift shop that will take your whole trip to another level! There are so many wondrous treasures inside you’ll want to spend your entire vacation here!

Marketplace Co-op has six different boutiques with all the merch that you could imagine. In Cherry Tree Lane, you would find yourself enchanted by the beautiful dresses, scarves, and shoes. If you want to personalize your own accessories, then you can get it done at D-Tech Demand. From home products at Disney Centerpiece to travel accessories at Disney TAG, you name it, this gift shop has got it all.

Mitsukoshi Department Store

If you find yourself at EPCOT, spare some time for Mitsukoshi Department Store. This shop has got some quirky pop culture items that you would love to own and show off. Apart from this, you can get home goods, Japanese accessories, and books at this shop.

You will also find a famous Pick-a-Pearl kiosk here where you can try your luck at plucking an exquisite pearl from an oyster. You can also get yourself packed with some delicious Japanese candies from this store.

Tatooine Traders

You cannot afford to miss this place if you are a die-hard Star Wars fan. Located in the Hollywood Studios, Tatooine shop is the perfect shop to visit for both the young and old admirers of Star Wars. This shop allows traders to construct their unique lightsaber, hunt rare collectibles, and manufacture a droid companion at the Droid Factory. Yes, which is why this is not your ordinary souvenir shop.

You can also buy some legit Star Wars clothing from here, along with other usual souvenir items and toys which celebrate the iconic space saga.

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