Disney World hacks for your next Orlando vacation!

Planning an Orlando vacation is a lot easier to do when you decide to make a Disney World a part of it. Whether you experience a snoring passenger on the plane or kids asking if you’re there yet every five minutes in a car, the destination is all that matters. And, oh, what a destination it is!

You hear a lot about life hacks these days, where you learn little tricks that cover everything from ordering off the secret menu at McDonald’s to the best way to peel a boiled egg. But what are some Disney World hacks that you can use to help make your Disney vacation perfect?

Plan Your Itinerary Months in Advance

This may not seem like a hack at first glance, but given the fact that many people don’t take the time to plan out their Disney World vacation in advance, we’re going to count it. Advantages include booking the Disney hotel reservations you want, scheduling a great dining experience, and choosing the best attraction options for your three FastPasses.

Celebrate Rainy Days for an Impromptu Trip

Many people simply fail to realize how great of a hack this can be. People tend to shy away from visiting a theme park when it’s raining. Instead, if you’re looking for something to do at the last minute or just prior to a rainy day, then this could be a perfect time. That’s because crowds can be quite a bit lower than on regular days.

Use the Disney App, for Goofy’s Sake

Disney World hacks don’t get any better than this. If you haven’t downloaded the MyDisneyExperience app to your phone, do it right now. This app allows you to view the entire Disney World map, keep track of your FastPasses, receive walking directions, see updated wait times for attractions, and a whole lot more. The app works outside the park, too, so you can use it to help plan your trip beforehand.

Book a VIP Tour

The Disney World theme park in Orlando offers a Disney VIP tour, but they don’t provide any additional advantages. All of the Disney World VIP tour guides used by a third-party company are extremely well-trained at how to navigate the park and are just as knowledgeable. The only difference is in price because you’ll pay a lot less by going through a tour service outside of Disney.

Consider an On-the-Go Breakfast over Sit-Down

Breakfast may be considered the most important meal of the day, but sitting down to eat is the best way to lose valuable time at Disney World. It’s much better to eat a quick breakfast before the park opens and then immediately head to the rides. Another option is to take a few breakfast items with you, since the park allows outside food, and eat breakfast as you walk.

Use Long Lines to Your Advantage

FastPasses and a third-party Disney VIP experience will help you avoid long lines throughout the day, but there may be times when this is simply unavoidable. If you find yourself stuck in a long line, don’t despair. Use this time to send someone off for food so you can have a quick lunch while waiting, allow your very young children to nap in their stroller, and to make sure that everyone gets a bathroom break.

Contact World Class VIP for More Disney World Hacks

For the ultimate theme park experience, World Class VIP is an absolute must. Our VIP tour guides will help you avoid long lines, program your FastPasses, discover new dining experiences, locate your favorite characters, navigate the park more quickly, and other related perks. Book a tour today by calling (407) 270-3784 for a private Disney VIP tour quote.

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