Where are the Hidden Mickeys at Disney World located?

Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognized characters in history. Originating from the mind of Walt Disney and his amazing animators, millions – and dare we say billions – of adults and children have made Mickey a part of their lives at some point. It is such a treasured and integral part of Disney that they actually fought to keep it out of public domain – and won!

When people visit Disney World, they fully expect to see Mickey Mouse in numerous forms. What many don’t realize is that there are hidden Mickeys, displayed as a silhouette with a large circle for the head and two smaller circles for the ears, littered throughout the park. We’re not talking about the pancakes or waffles in the shape of Mickey. We’re referring to ones that are subtle and sometimes difficult to find.

The History of Disney World Hidden Mickeys

Disney has a long history of putting the Mickey Mouse silhouette in its animated films. Bubbles form into Mickey as Dopey is hiccupping in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo has Mickey bubbles of his own when taking a bath in his eponymous role, and a chair is shaped like Mickey as part of Geppetto’s workshop in Pinocchio. Disney World Hidden Mickeys began appearing in the 1970s, but they gained notoriety in 1989 when an Imagineer who wrote for the Disney publication Eyes & Ears penned an article about them. At that point, it not only transformed into a challenge for visitors to find them, but it also became a common game for the park’s designers.

Despite the fact that our guides will often point out some of the hidden Mickeys during a Disney VIP tour, it would be absolutely impossible to list them all. What we’re going to do instead is list a few of our favorites that you can look for the next time you’re in Orlando.

  • Mickey’s Philaharmagic (Magic Kingdom) — In this area’s mural, you’ll see three small, yellow circles shaped like Mickey amongst the musical instruments.
  • The Great Movie Ride (Hollywood Studios) — Mickey becomes part of Egyptian history as he’s depicted in one of the hieroglyphics painted against the walls.
  • Solar Farm (Epcot) — Near Epcot, you’ll find approximately 20 acres worth of solar panels – 48,000 of them – that are in the shape of Mickey Mouse.
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid (Hollywood Studios) — Look within the bubbles on the left side of the Little mermaid marquee sign and you’ll find yet another Mickey image.
  • It’s a Small World (Magic Kingdom) — There are several places to find hidden Mickeys during this particular ride, but one of the most popular to discover is located on an elephant’s left side.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris (Animal Kingdom) — Definitely one of the larger ones to notice, the flamingo island that you’ll see along the way is shaped like everyone’s favorite mouse.
  • Landscaping (Epcot) — These hidden Mickeys change every so often, but you’ll find them in the shrubbery, flower arrangements, and other areas of the landscape.
  • Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios) — Pay close attention to the girl who pops up before the first drop because she may be holding a Mickey Mouse doll.
  • Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom) — In the ballroom scene, look for dinner plates arranged to form a hidden Mickey as part of the table arrangements.
  • Pizzafari (Animal Kingdom) — Look for the black spots in the middle of the leopard’s front leg that have been carefully arranged to give Mickey his very own spot.

Always Be on the Lookout for the Disney World Hidden Mickeys

No one knows exactly how many Disney World hidden Mickeys currently exist, but it could be in the hundreds by now. The trick is to always be on the lookout, whether it’s a mural, statue, or dinner table setting. Bubbles are a popular place for a hidden Mickey sighting, so you could always start there.

Make a Game Out of Finding the Disney World Hidden Mickeys

Children get really excited when they spot one of the Disney World hidden Mickeys. If your kids are up for a challenge, you could always make a game out of it, with some kind of treat at the end based on how many they find in total. Another tactic is to have them take pictures of the hidden Mickeys that they can share with their friends.

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