When visiting Disney World in August, keep these tips in mind.

The summer season is an absolute joy for millions of kids across the country. Between the hours of riding bikes, playing Fortnite, spending time with friends, and chowing down on ice cream to cool off, they certainly have plenty of things to do. But, what about something truly momentous that the entire family can enjoy together?

Sure, you can head down to the local park for a day in the sun or hit the movie theater for one of those awesome superhero films they talk about all the time, but we’re thinking along the lines of something bigger. Visiting Disney World in August before the new school year begins is the perfect way to end your children’s summer vacation.

Be Ready for Big Crowds at Disney World in August

Theme parks are always a popular destination for families, and Disney World is certainly no exception. As the summer winds down, many residents and visitors will take the time to visit Disney World in August before school starts again. To help circumvent this particular problem, we would suggest arriving early, signing up for a VIP tour, and staying after nights if possible.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

It’s no secret that Disney World in August will have some of the highest temperatures in Florida, and it’s important that you dress appropriately. Many visitors will wear shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and other summer-related clothing gear. The point is to dress lightly so that the heat isn’t unbearable. Also, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen or purchase some at the park once you’ve arrived.

Drink Plenty of Water

Continuing with this theme of keeping you and your family cool while visiting Disney World, it’s essential that everyone drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Luckily, there is no shortage whatsoever of places to pick up a bottle, whether it’s at a full-blown dining location or a snack cart along the way. If anyone in your group suffers from the heart, be sure to let them rest in a cool area.

Halloween, Yes. Star Wars Land, Maybe Not.

You’ve heard of Christmas in July, right? Well, what about Halloween in August? Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween starts on the 16th of the month and is a great way to do something out of the ordinary when visiting Disney World in August. This event requires a separate ticket and features fun stuff like rides, parades, fireworks, trick-or-treating, and more. As for Star Wars Land, it doesn’t open until the 29th, so unless you’re visiting Disney World in August at the very end of the month, you’ll need to wait until your next trip for this particular attraction.

Sign Up for a Disney VIP Tour

The best thing you can do to help make the end of your children’s summer special is signing up for a private Disney VIP tour. With a private tour of Disney World in August, you’ll get your very own tour guide who will assist you with cutting down your time spent in line, finding the best places to eat, organizing your day, keeping you on task, making hotel reservations, and more.

Visit Disney World in August with a VIP Tour from World Class VIP!

Visiting Disney World in August will be awesome, of course, but it’ll be even better with the help of World Class VIP. Our incredible Disney VIP tour guides will assist you with plotting out your schedule, setting up Disney hotel reservations, skipping long lines, and more. If you need additional information about the VIP experience or for a private Disney tour quote, call (407) 270-0956 today.

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