What are the mask requirements at Disney World?

The coronavirus pandemic has altered life as we know it. While the new year has arrived, the uncertainty is still present as many remain cautious about going outdoors. At the height of the pandemic last year, several lockdowns were imposed, forcing businesses to close temporarily. The famous Disney World was no exception as the park had to close its doors temporarily and reopen in the second half of the year.

While restrictions have become more flexible now, many are still wary about going to places, especially those with potential crowds. Ever since Disney World started welcoming guests again, they have implemented the Disney World mask requirement and limited the attendance cap to 35%. Now that it is normal to wear a mask when outside, you may be wondering about the exact rules set by the park.

If visiting Disney World is part of your upcoming plans, you likely have many questions on your mind. What are the acceptable face coverings? Is wearing a mask required while inside the park? To answer your questions, read on to know more about the new policies imposed in the park. As always, your safety must be your top priority!

What is the Disney World Mask Requirement?

The current Disney World mask requirement states that face coverings are required for all park guests ages two and up. You must wear your mask at all times while in the theme park unless you are eating and drinking or swimming. While dining outside, you can have your face mask removed, provided that you maintain appropriate physical distancing and are stationary. Cast members must also abide by the rule and will rove around the park holding signs to remind guests about it.

The mask policy holds even while taking photographs, while on rides, and while waiting in line. Disney has also enforced a “no walking and eating or drinking” rule to avoid having mask-less guests walking around while sipping on coffee or eating ice cream. The Disney World mask requirement may seem strict, but it is necessary to reduce transmission rates. However, you need not worry as you can still get the VIP Experience despite the new policies.

It is understandable that wearing a mask may not be the most comfortable, especially when the sun is up, so Disney World has created “no mask” relaxation stations. These are spots around the park where you can remove your face covering for some time to breathe and relax. There is no time limit as to how long you can stay in the station, but guests are typically encouraged to stay for no longer than 30 minutes.

Furthermore, masks are required everywhere in Walt Disney World. Thus, you will also need to wear one to enter Disney Springs, as well as when you are roaming around the common areas in Disney resort hotels. Even while entering and exiting restaurants, going up or down the elevator, and walking the hallway to your room, you will need to keep your mask on. However, if you are inside your hotel room, you can remove your mask.

Disney also stresses that wearing a mask is not a substitute for social distancing. As such, you must still maintain appropriate physical distancing as best as you can. While browsing through the gift shops around the park, it is also advisable to limit the handling of the product if possible.

What is Considered an Acceptable Face Covering?

Another common question related to the Disney World mask requirement has to do with what counts as acceptable face coverings. According to the Disney World website, your face covering must be made with breathable material, fit snugly but comfortably on your face, be secured with ear loops or ties, fully cover your nose and mouth, and stay secure under your chin.

Neck gaiters, bandanas, costume masks, and any face covering with valves or holes will not be accepted. Cast members roving the park will look out for guests who do not comply with the rules to remind them and make sure that they are wearing acceptable masks. If you forget to bring one, you can purchase a generic face mask from a vending machine outside the park or get one from the stores.

What if I am Vaccinated?

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are starting to become available, you may be wondering if the Disney World mask requirement applies to guests who are vaccinated. In short, the answer is yes. Based on a safety update from the theme park, you will still need to wear a mask and comply with social distancing rules.

This policy is aligned with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s advice that people continue to wear masks after getting vaccinated. Currently, researchers are still examining the vaccines and their efficiency and level of protection. As such, Disney World maintains its health and safety protocols to ensure that guests stay safe while in the theme park.

Overall, there is still much uncertainty surrounding the virus. With reports about new strains coming out, it is also more important than ever to abide by health guidelines. As you may often hear, you can never be too safe when it comes to your health. Thus, it only makes sense that masks will still be required for all guests, regardless, if they are vaccinated or not.

Wearing a mask while in Disney World may seem unusual at first, but you will get used to it in no time. Think of your mask as another accessory, so feel free to wear one that matches your personality! With a Disney VIP tour to go with your trip, you will surely have the time of your life and make new memories in the new normal.

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