Tips for visiting Disney World on Labor Day.

Now that summer has come to its inevitable close, it’s time to look forward to the next holiday where you can gather up your friends and family, hit the road or take to the skies, and have another incredible vacation. With Labor Day on the horizon, you have the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

Since Labor Day is a three-day weekend for millions of people across the country, there’s no reason why you can’t use that extra day as an excuse to have fun.

Here are just a few reasons why visiting Disney World on Labor Day is a great idea.

Labor Day Crowds Aren’t Too Bad

Visiting Disney World on any day of the year is an absolutely fantastic experience, but it’s no secret that the best days to visit are the ones that are the least crowded. You get to go on rides more quickly, food lines are shorter, and you can generally visit more attractions for those same reasons. Even though Labor Day is a three-day weekend, you might be surprised to learn that the crowds are actually lower than they are at many other times during the year. This means that attending Disney World on Labor Day is definitely a great way to avoid heavy crowds.

VIP Tours Make the Trip Incredible

Another reason to visit Disney on Labor Day is that it’s the perfect time for you to take advantage of a Disney VIP tour. When you sign up for one of these, you will be given a VIP experience that will allow you to have a wonderfully unique and exciting time at the park. Disney VIP tour guides will assist you with cutting down your time spent in line, making Disney hotel reservations, scheduling lunch and dinner opportunities, securing your personal belongings while you enjoy the rides, and much more. If you’re taking a trip to Disney World on Labor Day, this is definitely the best way to do it.

Perfect Way to End the Three Day Weekend

Whenever we have a three-day weekend, many of us tend to do a lot on Friday night, and then a lot on Saturday, and then rest on Sunday and Monday. Or perhaps since Monday is Labor Day, we may settle in with friends and family for a relaxing cookout or something of that nature. While that is a great way to spend your time and we certainly don’t blame you, visiting Disney World on Labor Day will end the holiday with a bang.

Disney World is Great All-Year Round

Another reason why you should consider taking a trip to Disney on Labor Day is, why not? The truth is that Disney World is fantastic all year round. Whether you go during the off-season, on a holiday, or in the middle of summer, you are going to have an absolutely fantastic time. That being said since the crowds won’t be as plentiful as other times of the year and because you probably have a three-day weekend, then visiting Disney World on Labor Day “just ‘cause” is as good a reason as any.

World Class VIP Makes Labor Day Perfect

The best way to enjoy Disney World on Labor Day is by enlisting the help of World Class VIP. Our tour guides will help schedule your entire day, make hotel reservations, keep your personal items secure, schedule lunch and dinner, and assist with other similar tasks. In addition to offering a Disney VIP tour, we also offer a VIP Universal Studios tour, VIP SeaWorld tour, and other services. To receive a private VIP Disney tour quote, or if you have any questions, give us a call at (407) 270-0956.


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