The long-awaited Disney World Opening will be upon us soon!

Although Disney World and all of other theme parks have been shuttered for the past few months, the reopening of Disney Springs and the entire park in Japan has shown that there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. This is great news for anyone who’s been feeling a little cooped up and is ready get back out into the world and enjoy themselves again.

There’s no exact date at the time of this writing when a full Disney World reopening will happen, but when it does occur, there will definitely be several changes taking place to help attendees feel safe and secure. Everything is subject to change right now, but let’s take a look at a few ways that a Disney World opening will be handled.

Touchless Entry

Disney World in Orlando utilizes a fingerprint scanner, which assigns you a unique ID number when you enter the park, to help prevent ticket fraud. Since having thousands of people touch the same surface in a short amount of time isn’t conducive to health and safety at the moment, the park will no longer use this method for the time being.

Virtual Queues

One big change that might be implemented will be the use of virtual queues. Instead of standing in a long line for an hour or more. you’ll be able to visit a ride and be placed in a virtual queue. Then, once your number comes up, you’ll be sent an alert that will instruct you to return to the ride. With a lower attendance capacity, which we’ll go into detail about in just a bit, this could be quite beneficial.

Advanced Reservations

Anyone who’s ever signed up for a Disney VIP tour definitely understands the benefits of advanced reservations. By getting everything set up before you arrive at the park, it helps to maximize your VIP experience. In terms of the post-coronavirus situation, there’s a likely chance that advance reservations to the park will be required in order to cut down on lines of people waiting for tickets.

Phased Capacity

Another reason why advance reservations are going to be required is because the Disney World opening will feature phased capacity. At first, the park will cap the number of attendees at 50% capacity, which will then move up to 75% after an unspecified amount of time. This will make social distancing easier to accomplish and provide a more pleasant experience for guests.

Face Masks Required

Depending on where you live in the country, face masks may already be either required or simply suggested. Since the Disney World opening is taking place before the pandemic ends, they will definitely be required for anyone who wants to attend the park. There may be spots where they’re not required, such as dining areas, but this hasn’t been determined quite yet.

Social Distancing

Everyone attending the park will be safer when guests exercise social distancing of six feet. Disney World will do its part by placing markers on the ground whenever attendees will be standing in line together. This will often work in conjunction with the virtual queue to cut down on close interaction as much as possible.

Hand Sanitizer and Cleanings

Disney World has always prided itself on its cleanliness, but you can expect them to really kick it up a notch for a while. In addition to hand sanitizer stations located at the entrance, exit, and other spots around the park, any area where contact may occur will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes every ride after each run.

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