Learn more about Disney World park hours in March.

What better way to welcome the upcoming spring season than by visiting the happiest place on Earth? The past year has been challenging, to say the least, with the declaration of the pandemic and all the changes that have happened since then. While you may still be adjusting to the new normal, restrictions are slowly becoming more relaxed, so you can now leave the house, provided that you comply with safety protocols. If you need to destress and have some fun after everything that has happened thus far, visiting Disney World will surely lift your spirits.

If you have not been to the famous theme park for a while now, you may be wondering about things like Disney World park hours and other policy changes that may affect your plans. While Disney World may have reopened its doors in July last year, the park has reduced its capacity for visitors, implemented safety measures, and shortened operating hours. However, if you have your eyes set on a trip soon, the good news is that Disney World park hours have been extended for the first week of March.

To ensure you have a smooth experience for your upcoming visit, here is all the information you need to know about the Disney World hours extension. Longer opening times mean you get to do more in the parks, so you can get the ultimate VIP Experience!

Disney World Park Hours Are Extended

It is not unusual to hear about Disney World extending its park hours as that has also been done in previous years. However, this year, the parks will be operating at reduced hours, despite the extension, due to Disney’s safety measures. For the first week of March, specifically from February 28, 2021, to March 6, 2021, Disney World park hours will be extended by an hour for each of the parks.

Some parks will stay open for one hour longer, whereas others will open an hour earlier. To help you plan your itinerary successfully, here is a summary of each park’s opening and closing times for the week of February 28 to March 6:


Park Opening Time Closing Time
Magic Kingdom 9 AM 7 PM
Hollywood Studios 9 AM 7 PM
Animal Kingdom 8 AM 5 PM (Feb 28 to Mar 5)

6 PM (Mar 6)

What to Know About Disney World in March

With Disney World park hours being extended in March, you have more time to explore each of the parks and attractions. Historically, March has been known as the busiest month for Disney World since it marks the beginning of spring break for many people. As such, high crowds are likely to be present due to the increased demand at this time.

Since the park is only operating at 35% of its capacity to maintain social distancing rules, you will need to book your tickets in advance to secure your entrance. Take note that reservations are limited, and due to attendance constrictions, you may only visit one park per day. For those getting multiple day tickets, you will need to select a park for each day.

If you feel like you may want to go to various parks in a day, you can get a ticket with Park Hopper. With this, you will have to reserve your slot for the first park you will visit. You can only make use of the Park Hopper feature after 2 PM until the park’s closing hours. However, permission to enter another park will only be granted if the park is not yet at full capacity. If you are unsure about how to build your itinerary, you can get a Disney VIP tour to plan out your park visits thoroughly and maximize your time.

If you were to visit the park around this time, one of the highlights to look out for would be the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival. The annual festival celebrates the arrival of spring with various topiary displays, beautiful gardens, live entertainment, and many others. The event will run from March 3, to July 5 this year, so with the additional park hours, you can surely have more time going through the booths and activities.

Customize Your Disney World Itinerary Today

With more hours to spend in each of Disney World’s parks, you can do so much more and explore for much longer. To have a stress-free and memorable experience, contact World Class VIP today at (407) 270-1781 for a private Disney VIP tour quote. We can customize your plan to match the places you want to visit and the activities you want to do, so you can have the best time in each park!

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