What is the latest update for the Disney World Reopening

*Subject to change due to the COVID-19 situation in Florida.

The Disney World reopening that millions have been waiting for is scheduled for July and fans around the world couldn’t be happier. Vacationers are already signing up for our Disney VIP tour far in advance, so it’s obvious that people are excited to visit the park once again.

In recent weeks, we’ve discussed some of the changes that you could expect with Disney World opening their doors again, but there been recent updates and additions to those changes. To provide you with more of a complete picture, let’s take a look at a few previously discussed guidelines and the most recent updates to reopening phases and more.

Reopening Dates and Phases

There’s been some internet chatter about whether the Disney World reopening would occur as previously announced because Disneyland in California has delayed their opening. Don’t worry – their delay was due to the state not providing guidelines early enough to put measures in place. This isn’t a problem in Florida, so you can still expect Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom to reopen on July 11th, with Hollywood Studios and Epcot close behind on July 15th. The reopening phases are currently still set at 50% capacity to start, which will increase to 75% after an unspecified amount of time.

Social Distancing Squad

We’ve already discussed the fact that Disney World will be exercising social distancing with the use of floor markings at their attractions, places to eat, and other areas. What we weren’t aware of is that they’ll be using a “social distancing squad,” which is basically cast members who will be walking around promoting social distancing for the safety of all guests. You may even see them using well-known characters like they did at Disney Springs by having the squad dressed as Stormtroopers.

Temporarily No FastPass+

FastPasses have been discussed here on multiple occasions because they’re extremely useful in reducing the times that you spend standing in line. However, in order to utilize the FastPass queue areas so that visitors can maintain social distancing more easily, they will be temporarily unavailable. This will make Disney World VIP tours even more valuable since private guides can help you avoid long lines in other ways.

Face Masks and Temperature Screenings

A big rule that you must follow with the Disney World reopening is the wearing of face masks. You can either bring your own, be given a free mask at the door, or purchase a set of Disney-themed masks when you arrive. Also, no-touch temperature screenings will be given to each employee and visitor. Anyone with a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees will not be allowed entry into the park.

No Character Meet-and-Greets

Character meet-and-greets are often among a child’s most exciting memories when visiting Disney World. Unfortunately, because of health and safety concerns due to the pandemic, they’re being temporarily halted so that social distancing can be enforced. Many characters will still be out and about as part of the Disney World opening, however, which means there will be plenty of opportunity for your children to see the characters that they adore.

Paused/Cancelled Events

The majority of Disney World will be open for visitors to enjoy, but some events have either been paused or cancelled. This includes any type of experience that would involve a large group of people gathering together, such as parades and nighttime spectaculars. Disney is very aware that patrons will be disappointed by this news, especially since nightly fireworks are such a beloved affair, but safety is more important.

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