New Disney World safety measures to be aware of when visiting the park.

It feels like forever since Disney decided to close all of its theme parks as a way to protect their guests’ health and safety from the COVID-19 pandemic. With Disney World opening again in July (Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on the 11th, Epcot and Hollywood Studios on the 15th), millions of fans will be making plans to visit.

Disney World safety has always been a top priority, which is why incidents have been few and far between. Let’s take a look at some of the new Disney World safety precautions that will be taken following the reopening, along with ways that you can keep your family safe.

Reservation and Admission Required

To start off with, Disney World safety will begin with changes to the overall process of getting access to the park. In order to be allowed inside, you’ll need to have a reservation in addition to a valid admission ticket. This will help curtail a great deal of face-to-face contact that normally occurs at the admission booths between people buying tickets.

Face Masks for Workers and Guests

The most notable change following the Disney World opening will be the wearing of face masks as a way to avoid spreading the virus. Any adult or child over two years of age will be required to wear a mask unless otherwise noted. If you forget to bring one with you, don’t worry – you can either purchase a Disney-styled one (Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar, too!) or be given a generic mask free of charge.

Temperature Checks for Everyone

One of the telltale signs of the coronavirus is a slightly raised body temperature. No-touch temperature checks will be done on both guests and employees at the start of each day. Anyone who has a temperature over 100.4 will not be allowed into the park, so we suggest that you check the temperature of everyone in your group prior to visiting.

Limited Capacity in Two Stages

To help avoid long lines or overly crowded areas where you may come into contact with people, Disney World will institute a phased reopening plan. In the first stage, the park will max out at 50% capacity, followed by 75% capacity after a certain period of time has passed. Not only will this keep you safe, but it also means that lines will typically be shorter than normal.

Social Distancing Will Be Enforced

Although park employees will definitely be doing their part to help maintain Disney World safety, social distancing will be up to both Cast Members and guests. Each attraction, restaurant, and similar locations will feature tape markings designating where to stand so that you stay six feet apart while standing in line. When you’re walking around, however, simply respect the space of others so that everyone can feel safe.

Hand Sanitizer and Extra Cleaning

Disney World is definitely no stranger to the use of hand sanitizer, especially after several years ago when the swine flu was an issue. This time, hand sanitizers will be found in locations throughout the park, which will provide easy access as needed. Plus, each area that involves human contact will be wiped down periodically, including after the conclusion of every ride.

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