Secrets only VIP Tour Guides know about Disney World.

No matter how many times you visit Disney World, the attention to detail that they put into Disney World attractions is absolutely awe-inspiring. You could spend days or maybe even weeks going over all the minutiae that you can find spread out from one end of the theme park to the other. It’s a lot to take in and you actually forget how much detail is involved until you start looking more closely.

Speaking of looking more closely, we’re betting that there are several small details littered around the park that you’ve never even heard of, let alone seen. Some of these are interesting features concerning Disney characters while others are in-jokes that you may have actually seen but had no idea what they meant.

Here are six of our favorite hidden Disney World secrets:

Cherubs with Faces of Imagineers

In the “Be Our Guest Restaurant,” the Imagineers (which is what the designers of Disney’s theme parks are called) decided to make themselves and/or their family members a part of the artistry. Look above your head and past the gorgeous chandeliers, and you will see that the painted cherubs feature a mixture of the faces of the Imagineers themselves and those of their children.

Secret Wait Time for Tower of Terror

Perhaps the smallest detail on our list of secrets in Disney World attractions, but definitely one that’s funny and worth noting concerns the wait time that you may see on the board for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If the board says that there is a 13-minute queue, this actually means that there is no wait time at all.

A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas

This isn’t really a secret, but it includes a perk you may not know about. This Adventureland game allows you to select one of three different maps, each of which gives you the opportunity to complete five interactive missions around this section of the park. Each time you finish a mission, you get a collectible card that you get to keep and take home, along with the map. The biggest perk is that after completing missions, you and the rest of your party get free FastPasses to use for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chemicals… or Condiments

In 2000, the Countdown to Extinction ride was changed to the name Dinosaur to coincide with that movie, but most of the area was left unchanged. As you make your way through the waiting area to the ride itself, you may notice three pipes – red, yellow, and white – that feature a different chemical compound on each one. These compounds represent the primary ingredients used in ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. They are a small tribute to McDonald’s, which was the Dinoland’s original sponsor.

Rizzo’s Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall

Pizzerizzo’s, the Italian restaurant with a Muppets theme based on the rat character of Rizzo, is a fantastic place to eat. What many people don’t realize is that there is a special dining area that you can get to by heading upstairs and then to the back of the restaurant. Called Rizzo’s Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall, this is a wedding reception area that typically has very few people in it. This part of the restaurant has a different look than the rest, including a disco ball, and you get to hear a variety of songs and witness occasional lighting effects.

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