Let World Class VIP keep you up-to-date with Disney World updates during the COVID-19 situation.

Between shuttered businesses, less traffic on the streets, and millions of people either at home or wearing face masks, the world is certainly in an odd place right now. Before you know it, things will gradually get back to normal and a Disney World reopening will help with that.

With theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios extending their closure dates, many people are wondering exactly when a Disney World 2020 reopening will take place. We can’t answer that question, of course, but what we can do is give you a few different ways to stay informed concerning Disney World updates until you can sign up for a Disney VIP tour.

Disney Website for Disney World Updates

The obvious place to visit as a source of Disney World updates is the Disney website itself. Right now, there’s a banner on top of most pages of the site that refers to the temporary closure due to COVID-19. You can fully expect that banner to reflect the reopening date once Disney has decided when that will happen. Plus, there’s always the possibility there will be a full-page notification on the main page in the near future.

Email List Sign-up

Many Disney fans are probably already signed up for their email list. This is primarily how Disney disseminates information to everyone, including upcoming events, changes at the park, discount opportunities, attraction opening dates, and any other pertinent news. This will definitely be used to announce the date of their reopening. To sign up, simply visit their website and scroll down to the bottom of any of the main pages to find the link.

National News

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of news outlets that cover entertainment and world news. Since the COVID-19 closures have been covered by the media on a regular basis, you can rest assured there will be multiple news reports when Disney World, Universal Studios, and other theme parks decide to reopen their doors. You can either sign up for their respective email lists or bookmark their page and return to it daily.

Disney World Updates Social Media

With billions of people on social media, it has become a treasure trove of updated information. Facebook is probably the biggest source of information for most people, but many people reading this are probably signed up for multiple platforms. If you have any friends or family who are Disney fans, you may find them talking about Disney World updates, including plans to reopen. However, most people will notice such an announcement on Facebook news feed.

Disney Mobile App

The My Disney Experience App serves several functions. Before you head to the park, you can use the downloadable app to purchase tickets, make your FastPass selections, and use the accessible map as a way to plan your visit. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be able to access wait times for each attraction, which is very helpful. In regards to a Disney World reopening, we wouldn’t be surprised if a notification is provided through the app once Disney World reopens.

Family and Friends

Even though millions of people get their daily news and rumors from news websites and social media, word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful tools in any community. If you have family and friends who are fans of Disney and maybe even planning a trip, you can be sure that they’ll let you know once a reopening date has been announced. Or, they could just be excited and wanting to spread the news!

Stay Updated with World Class VIP’s Disney World Updates

Once the Florida theme parks have been opened again, the Disney World VIP tour guides at World Class VIP can assist you with skipping long lines, navigating the park, planning your itinerary, booking Disney hotel reservations, discovering delicious food, and much more. Call us for Disney World updates or for questions about the VIP experience that we provide with our Disney VIP tour at (407) 270-1781. We will also provide you with a private VIP Disney Tour quote.


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