Plan to visit Disney World later this year with a VIP Disney Tour!

If you’ve been taking our recent advice, we’re guessing many of you are burning through Disney movies like there’s no tomorrow. The good news is that as the days go on, we get closer to Disney World’s grand reopening! Before long, you’ll be ready to visit Disney World again – and why not plan your adventure for later this year?

The best way to experience the park has always been through the use of a Disney VIP tour, but that may be even more true for 2020 given recent events. Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why you should sign up for a private tour later this year.

Ready to Get Outside

If you’re like most people, you’ve been staying at home as much as possible so as to “flatten the curve.” Many people are already getting a bit stir crazy and we can’t say we blame them! By the time that Disney World reopens, families and individuals will definitely be ready to hit the road or take to the skies and visit Orlando’s most famous theme park. If you’re one of those people, you can’t do better than signing up for a Disney World VIP tour.

Maximize Your Time

Disney World is a very big place. If you’re only visiting for one or two days, it can be difficult to see and enjoy every attraction. If you choose to sign up for a private Disney World VIP tour, then you’ll be able to maximize your time by focusing on the most important attractions and navigating the park much more quickly and easily. Disney VIP tour guides will assist you with planning an itinerary, reducing the time you spend in line, programming your FastPasses, discovering delicious meals and snacks, booking your hotel, and much more.

Pre-Planning by Experts

After everything that’s happened this year, we wouldn’t blame you at all if you want to get the joy of planning a Disney World excursion without the stress of all the minutiae that needs to be covered. A Disney World VIP tour will allow you to sit back and relax while an intrepid group of experts does most of the planning for you. They’ll even help you scour through the long list of resorts available and get you set up with Disney hotel reservations at a price you can afford and the amenities you desire.

Continue Social Distancing

Even when this coronavirus tragedy has lessened a bit, it’s understandable many people will be apprehensive to visit a theme park with lots of other people. Since private tour guides understand this, they’ll be able to assist you with social distancing by knowing which parts of the park are likely to be less populated throughout the day and avoiding the ones that are the busiest. Plus, they can help you use FastPass and other techniques to reduce the time you spend in line.

Excited About Future Events for your Disney World VIP Tour

At the current time, Disney hasn’t announced what their event schedule will look like because it’s too difficult to determine right now. Some early events may either be postponed or cancelled altogether. It’s unlikely that events taking place later in the year, such as their big Halloween or Christmas bash, will be affected. If these are the types of events that interest you, then you definitely want to use a private Disney VIP tour to make the most of them.

Sign Up with World Class VIP for a Disney World VIP Tour

If you’re ready to visit Disney World later this year or even sometime in 2021, our team can help with a VIP experience that’s out of this world. The guides at World Class VIP will help you plan the trip, navigate the park, book a hotel, skip long lines, program your FastPasses, find delicious food, locate your favorite characters, keep your belongings secure, and more. Give us a call at (407) 270-3784 for a private Disney VIP tour quote today!


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