Disney World VIP tours will soon be a reality!

After months of being shut down due to the coronavirus, Disney World will be reopening in July! This announcement was met with cheers and excitement from Disney fans all around the world because it means summer or holiday vacation to the city’s most popular theme park are once again a reality!

World Class VIP has spent years learning the ins-and-outs of Orlando’s theme parks and can provide you with an experience like no other. Today, we’re going to explore why our Disney World VIP experience is the best option once the park has reopened.

Pre-Plan Your Upcoming Trip

Once you’ve signed up with our service, the World Class VIP tour guides will begin helping you pre-plan your upcoming trip. We’ll go over which rides or attractions are most important to you, what you absolutely don’t want to miss, which types of foods you’d like to eat, and more. Basically, our goal is to create an itinerary that will serve as a roadmap for the day so that you can get the most out of the park. Of course, that itinerary can be altered at any time.

Optimize Your FastPasses

Your admission to Disney World will include three FastPasses, where you get to select rides or attractions in advance and skip to the front of the line. Our Disney VIP tour guides will not only help you program these FastPasses, but we’ll advise you on which attractions are the most popular. This means you have a better chance at experiencing your favorite rides without waiting in line.

Reduce Time Spent in Line

Speaking of waiting in line, the Disney VIP tours offered by World Class VIP focus heavily on reducing the time that you spend in line. In addition to optimizing your FastPasses we’ve also become adept at knowing which areas of the park to hit first so that you can avoid the longest lines throughout the day. This isn’t just for rides and attractions. This also goes for food and restaurants, where you can experience long wait times if you’re not a regular visitor to the park and don’t know which spots are the busiest

Focus on Social Distancing

No one expects you to sign up for a Disney VIP tour if you don’t feel completely safe. When the park reopens, there will be several rules that you must follow, such as wearing a face mask and having your temperature checked. Our tour guides will assist you throughout the day by focusing on social distancing rules so that other visitors to the park aren’t getting uncomfortably close.

Navigate the Park with Ease

Even if you study the Walt Disney World map for hours, it’s impossible to understand the true size of the park. It is extremely easy to get lost if you don’t know exactly where you’re going. Our guides have spent a lot of time learning how to navigate the park with ease. They will help you save valuable time by getting from one place to another in the shortest amount of time and distance possible.

Resort Hotel Selection

There are so many Disney resort hotel options available in Orlando that staying in one is often like its own separate vacation. Making Disney hotel reservations is easy, but what you really need is an expert who knows which ones are best equipped to meet your needs in terms of room size, style, amenities, and more. The guides used by World Class VIP are definitely experts in this area, too.

Contact World Class VIP for a Fantastic VIP Experience

The Disney World VIP tour guides will help you have the best Orlando vacation possible. In addition to the benefits we’ve listed above, our guides will help you discover delicious food, locate your favorite characters, find beautiful photo opportunities, keep your personal belongings secure, and more. Get a private VIP Disney tour quote by calling (407) 236-1098 today.


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