Everything You Need to Know For Your Visit to Disney World!

In the face of increased hospitalizations around the country from the new delta variant, various corporations, government offices, and businesses are taking increased precautions to keep everybody safe. This includes the Walt Disney Company!

Those wondering what Disney’s vaccine mandates are don’t have to wonder anymore, as Disney recently issued a statement regarding its policies.

Here at World Class VIP, we’ve got you covered with the latest updates issued by the Walt Disney Company to not only keep you safe, but to ensure that everyone can still experience the Disney magic without having to worry if they’re vaccinated or if they brought the right kind of mask.

Increased Restrictions with the new Delta Variant

At the end of July, the government issued a number of warnings and new restrictions regarding the delta variant and its effect on the rise of COVID-19-related hospitalizations around the country. President Biden announced all federal employees must be either vaccinated, or submit to regular testing, mask requirements, and social distancing.

Meanwhile, companies were hesitant to follow through with mandating vaccines because of possible employee push-back in the time of a national labor shortage, as well as the potential for litigation brought against them.

In July, Google and Facebook announced they would soon require employees to be vaccinated. That cleared the way for other companies to follow suit – including the Walt Disney Company. It is still against the law for Disney’s vaccine mandates to apply to its guests. However, it can now require employees to get the vaccine.

Disney’s Vaccine Mandates for its employees

Disney issued a statement at the end of July stating that they will soon begin requiring all salaried and non-union hourly employees to be vaccinated. Below, we have a summary of their statement:

  • At the Walt Disney Company, the safety and well-being of employees is a top priority. Based on professional recommendation, they believe that COVID-19 vaccinations provide protection against severe infection.
  • All salaried and non-union hourly employees in the US. working on site are required to be fully vaccinated. Employees who aren’t already vaccinated and are working on-site will have 60 days (from July 30th) to get vaccinated.
  • All new hires will be required to be fully-vaccinated before beginning employment.
  • Employees working from home will need to provide verification of vaccination prior to returning back to work.
  • The Walt Disney Company began talks around the subject with the unions representing their employees under collective bargaining agreements.

Disney’s Safety Regulations for Park Guests

You’re probably wondering how all of this will affect your trip. The answer is, it will only make your trip safer. You will still be able to have fun and experience all that Disney has to offer while abiding by their new safety standards.

The Walt Disney Company has gone out of its way to make sure you have the same VIP experience you were used to before the pandemic hit, and has adopted a few new ways to keep you safe and make your vacation a success.

1. Disney Boosted Its Sanitation Standards Even Further.

First, the Walt Disney Company gave its staff comprehensive training in extra sanitation procedures. They go out of their way to have incredibly fast response times to any kind of spill, full garbage can, or any little accidents that kids are known to have.

The staff is also fully-trained in extra, end-of-day sanitation procedures for their kitchens, restrooms, rides, and other facilities; and make sure that all of the extra hand-washing stations and hand-sanitizer dispensers are well-maintained.

2. Disney Uses Technology to Increase Contactless Service

The My Disney Experience app has many features that allow for contactless virtual activity, so you don’t have to worry about germs being transmitted by touch.

The first and most obvious way they reduced this risk was to enhance and emphasize their contactless payment systems. Gift shops and restaurants have always taken debit, credit, mobile wallets, and gift cards. Now, you can pay through the app as well! You can also pay with your magic band or Magic Mobile Pass, too.

Also, we all know how easily germs can be passed when there is food present. Disney adopted scannable QR code menus and now offers mobile reservations and restaurant check-ins.

With World Class VIP, you won’t have to worry about making reservations. We handle all of that. What it DOES mean is if you change your mind about which restaurant you want to go to at the last minute, all you have to do is let your VIP tour guide know. They can then work their magic and change the reservation on their phones in an instant!

3. Disney re-adopted some of its past mask requirements

Finally, it’s important to know Disney’s rules about mask-wearing. With the new delta variant, the company decided to enforce mask-wearing again indoors. Now, any person aged 2 and up must wear a mask anytime indoors – and this includes line queues as well.

Additionally, masks must be worn on any enclosed transportation vehicles, including buses, monorails, and the Disney Skyliner. The only time where masks don’t have to be worn is outdoors, as long as proper social distancing is followed.

Disney also has rules regarding acceptable and unacceptable types of masks that can be worn. The first and foremost rule is that masks have to fit snugly to your nose, the sides of your face, and underneath your chin. Neck gaiters, open triangle bandannas, and costume masks are considered unacceptable. Additionally, face coverings that have valves, mesh, or holes of any kind are not allowed

Here is a simple list of what masks are allowed:

  • Made with breathable material of 2 layers or more
  • Fully cover and sit snugly against the nose, chin, and the sides of your face.
  • Masks that are secured with ties or ear loops, to allow you to enjoy the park hands-free
  • Masks with clear plastic over the wearer’s mouth, as long as there are no gaps between the mask and face.

Book Your Tour with World Class VIP Today and Learn more about Disney’s Vaccine Mandates

If you keep these regulations in mind, you will no-doubt have a blast during your visit! Disney has gone out of its way in order to make sure that everyone has a good time while staying safe. At World Class VIP, we do the same. All you have to do is call us at (407) 270-2519, and get your free quote today for your Disney VIP tour!

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