Come for Mickey – stay for the food!

Perhaps that’s not going to happen, but it certainly wouldn’t be the worst plan in the world. After all, Disney World dining is one of the most popular activities for anyone vacationing in Orlando because of the long list of foods and beverages you can discover while at the park.

Since greasy foods and high-calorie desserts often get a lot of attention at Disney World, you might be thinking to yourself there’s no way you’ll be able to maintain your diet during your visit. The good news is that eating healthy at Disney World is definitely a goal that you can achieve by following a few simple techniques.

Start with a Hearty Breakfast

Eating light in the morning is perfectly fine, but it’s easy to start stuffing your face with unhealthy snacks once you arrive. If you want to start the day off right, begin with a hearty breakfast so that you’re not tempted so much by the many unhealthy snacks found at the park. Your breakfast should include a lean protein, which can be part of an omelet if you’d like, plus some type of vegetable and maybe some oatmeal. There are several Disney World dining opportunities for breakfast, so make sure you shop around before you decide.

Focus on Plant-Based Items

At this point, we’re getting pretty close to plant-based food items being considered mainstream since you can find selections in not just your local grocery store but now even in some fast food chains. Several restaurants throughout Disney World provide incredibly tasty plant-based meals and organic food items. This means that everyone in your group who wants to make eating healthy at Disney World a part of their vacation will have a variety of options.

Pick Up Some Fresh Produce

Sugary foods like cupcakes and cookies you can find at Disney World get talked about all the time, but don’t forget many fruits and vegetables make wonderful snacks. Head over to Anaheim Produce located at Hollywood Studios, and you’ll find many types of healthy foods such as ready-to-eat veggie sticks, Mandarin oranges, apple slices, pineapple, cheeses, and more! You can also find a selection of items at various Disney restaurants and throughout the park in the small shops.

Bring Along Your Own Snacks

Although eating healthy at Disney World isn’t too tough, you will need to target specific areas depending on what you like. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance or have specific snacks that you enjoy, feel free to bring them along with you. Disney World will allow you to bring in outside food and drink as long as there are no glass containers or alcohol. Not only is this a convenient way to save time, but it will also save you money throughout the day.

Be Careful About Getting Sides

If you tend to hunt down healthy meals, you’re probably aware that sides are often where they “getcha.” Sure, you can choose steamed vegetables and various fruits at some locations, but others won’t offer too many selections. French fries are extremely popular but will add a huge amount of calories to the overall meal. Even coleslaw might not be healthy because of its sugar content. If in doubt, stick with a low-calorie main course and skip the sides altogether.

World Class VIP Will Help You Eat Healthy at Disney World

Eating healthy at Disney World is a lot easier when you have an experienced tour guide to always point you in the right direction. In addition to helping you maintain your diet, the Disney VIP tour guides employed by World Class VIP will assist your group with planning an itinerary, making Disney hotel reservations, reducing time in lines, navigating the park, finding great souvenirs, and other such perks. To find out more about what our VIP experience entails or for a no-obligation, private Disney VIP tour quote, call us at (407) 236-1098. We look forward to providing you a Disney VIP tour.

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