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Disney World loves to introduce new events and attractions, but millions of people return to the park for tried-and-true traditions. One such tradition that started out as a new event not so long ago and has caught on in recent years is the Epcot International Festival of the Arts.

The Epcot art festival features a wide variety of artistic endeavors, such as paintings, statues, sculptures, interactive presentations, live performances, and more. As the name suggests, it features art from around the world but also celebrates local artists that you’re free to chat with. We definitely want you to get the most out of the festival, so here are a few tips that will help you prepare and know what to expect:

Let Your Kids Dress Up for the Event

Kids will love to see themselves as part of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. Think of your child’s outfit as their very own artistic creation. If they don’t have any artsy clothes or something that you can come up with at home, take them out for a day of shopping to find the perfect outfit as a precursor to the festival.

Consider Attending the Broadway Concert Series

The Disney Broadway Concert Series is a wonderful celebration for both Broadway aficionados and newbies. This showcase of immense talent and fantastic songs encapsulates Disney favorites such as The Lion King, Aladdin, and Newsies. The best way to attend is by purchasing a special dinner package, which will guarantee you a reservation at the presentation of your choice.

Sign Up for a Private Disney World VIP Tour

To fully enjoy this Epcot art festival, you should definitely consider signing up for a Disney VIP tour. With your very own Disney VIP tour guide, you’ll receive assistance on planning your itinerary, booking Disney hotel reservations, navigating the festival, finding the best exhibits, discovering new dining opportunities, and other such perks. For even better results, make it a two-day trip and spend one day at the festival and the other seeing the rest of the park.

Start the Day Early to Enjoy As Much As You Can

If you want to get your day started off the right way, arrive at the park approximately 30 minutes early. This will put you right at the front and give you a head start. Then you can either make a beeline for your favorite attractions before hitting the festival or attend the festival for a little while first. Either way, this will help optimize your time so that you’ll be able to enjoy everything that’s on your itinerary.

Be Sure to Bring Your Appetite with You

When the Epcot International Festival of the Arts was being created, the designers wanted to include as many aspects of art as they could. Paintings and sculptures would, of course, be included, but what surprises attendees the most is that even the food is part of the program. From the full meals to tasty snacks, food will often be presented as their own works of art.

Interact with the Featured Artists

The Epcot art festival isn’t just about celebrating art. It’s also about celebrating the artists themselves. In certain areas, you’ll be lucky enough to meet some of the artists whose work is presented at the festival. Feel free to chat them up about their various projects, their history with art, how they came to be associated with Disney, and whatever else you’d like to know.

Let World Class VIP Help You Prepare

The Disney VIP tour guides provided by World Class VIP can help you prepare for the Epcot art festival and other special events. Once you sign up for our VIP experience, your tour guide can assist you with deciding on an itinerary, booking a Disney hotel, navigating the park, finding great places to eat, locating favorite characters for photos, programming your FastPasses, and much more. Give us a call at (407) 236-1098 to get a private Disney World VIP quote!

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