What is “Leave a Lecacy” at Epcot?

Known all over the world as the happiest place on Earth, Disney World offers some of the best experiences with its theme parks, attractions, shopping establishments, and overall atmosphere. No matter what you do or when you visit, Disney always makes sure to provide you with a VIP Experience like no other. Without a doubt, the iconic theme park is lauded for its creative and imaginative concepts, bringing to life many ideas that once seemed impossible.

Now that Disney World 2022 packages are available for bookings, you may be planning a trip for the following year. If you are a huge fan of Disney World, then you may be keeping up with all the changes in their theme parks. From new attractions to ongoing refurbishments, Disney is constantly innovating and ideating to ensure that guests will always get that so-called magical experience.

Disney World’s EPCOT is known for celebrating international cultures and festivities to bring people together. Sometime in February this year, the park debuted its Leave a Legacy display, amassing the curiosity of many. Below, you will find some information about the new installment to hype up your excitement for your Disney World 2022 trip.

EPCOT Leave a Legacy in Disney World 2022

Thinking of adding EPCOT to your Disney World 2022 itinerary but not sure what to do? If you have visited EPCOT in the past, you would know that it is known for its fun festivals. The Festival of the Arts for 2021 is scheduled to run from January 8 to February 22, while the Flower and Garden Festival starts on March 5 and lasts until July 5.

However, even before the Festival of the Arts ends, Disney has already started adding installations and decorations for the upcoming Flower and Garden Festival. Thus, if you visit around this time next year, you may be able to celebrate two festivals in one go! Naturally, the Flower and Garden Festival’s booths and festivities will not yet be up, but seeing the beautiful decorations will certainly be a bonus in your trip.

In terms of EPCOT attractions, one of the most anticipated rides is likely the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Construction is currently underway, but as of now, the roller coaster ride is scheduled to be finished in 2021. Thus, if you are a huge Marvel fan, this attraction will definitely be a must-visit in your Disney World 2022 trip.

EPCOT Leave a Legacy Returns! 

While you may be aware of EPCOT’s yearly festivals and popular attractions, the Leave a Legacy attraction might not sound as familiar. It was first added to EPCOT in 1999 as part of Disney World’s millennium celebration and remained in the park until June 2007. As the name “Leave a Legacy” implies, the attraction was designed to allow guests to leave their mark by taking a picture and having it etched onto tiles to create the Leave a Legacy sculpture.

More than ten years later, Disney has revived the attraction and redesigned it to honor the new decade for the theme park. The new display features colorful and vibrant panels lined with multiple Leave a Legacy tiles. The design showed a significant improvement from the dull and bland Leave a Legacy monoliths that once graced the park. The tiles are found outside the park’s gateway, replacing the Legacy structures that were removed in 2019, and can easily be seen by anyone approaching the entrance of EPCOT.

With close to 300 panels, each spanning eight feet high, you can only imagine how beautiful the display looks with its revamped look and colorful vibe. True to the attraction’s name, the new tiles still contain the photos that people took over two decades ago, showing just how much guests were able to leave their legacy indeed.

Guests who are interested in looking for a specific tile in the revamped attraction can easily do so by scanning the QR code in the Leave a Legacy display. Your device will open up the tile finder search feature, which can tell you the coordinates of your desired tile. The instructions are also printed at the end of each display for more information, but should you encounter any troubles, you can always approach any of EPCOT’s team for assistance.

If you were one of the many people who “left their legacy” in EPCOT more than 20 years ago, now is the perfect time to relive memories. When you visit Disney World next year, make sure to stop by the newly designed attraction, which will greet you with a warm welcome as you approach the park’s entrance.

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