Enjoy the Harry Potter theme park at Universal with World Class VIP!

‘Wiziting’ the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a thrilling experience for muggles and Potterheads alike. World Class VIP’s Universal Studio VIP tour can make your visit to the Harry Potter theme park even more magical.

Before heading on to the Diagon Alley to buy your Nimbus 2000, we want to let you know the five key attractions at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogsmeade, that you cannot afford to miss.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

This is the signature attraction at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park area in the Universal Orlando Resort. This ride will transport you to a magical realm where the staircase can move, and the pictures can talk, where you can befriend Headless Nick and levitate feathers with a simple “swish and flick.”

You pass through the lofty gates of Hogwarts Castle, walk in the familiar corridors, and visit the iconic locations before hopping onto this ride. Your journey to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is incomplete without visiting this attraction.

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

Located at the far end of the Diagon Alley, this one is yet another must-do while on your Universal Studios tour. Even waiting in the long queue would not be a problem here, as the pre-ride experience is engaging on its own.

You start your journey by entering the Gringotts bank located beneath the giant fire-breathing dragon. The sumptuous lobby and chandeliers of the bank are astonishing. You will eventually board a 2-car coaster train, which will jolt every part of your body.

The Hogwarts Express

Please reach the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on time to avoid missing the Hogwarts Express. You know you will have to board it from platform number 9 ¾. Do not forget to carry your chocolate frogs!

You will be taken through the magic wall before boarding the train. On your journey, you will get to see famous landmarks J.K. Rowling mentions in the books. You will need a Park-to-Park ticket to hop aboard. After arriving in London, you can go directly to Diagon Alley through a secret passageway.

Wand exhibits

Among the Potter merch, wands are the best. After all, how can you be a wizard without having a wand? If you don’t own a wand yet, book your Universal Studio VIP tour right away and get yourself one.

Interactive wands are the new additions to the Harry Potter theme park. You can buy replicas of wands used by your favorite Harry Potter characters. With these wands sold at Ollivander’s. You can cast innumerable spells and bring magic to life. You will be given a map along with the wand, which will tell you where to perform the spells. Make sure to get those hand motions right!


After all the fun you have had at the Harry Potter theme park, you should go for a refreshing classic Butterbeer. It’s now offered in five forms: frozen, hot, ice cream, regular, and fudge. The drink tastes like cream soda loaded with butterscotch foam.

You can go for Butterbeer ice cream on hot and sunny days. The hot Butterbeer is exclusively sold in winters and tastes like a butterscotch laced latte. You cannot miss this while on your Universal Studio VIP tour.

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