With World Class VIP, you can avoid long lines at Disney World.

Disney World is an essential pilgrimage for those who have fond memories of the park and its iconic rides, but it can get very crowded during the winter months, with most attractions jam-packed with people. Fortunately, there are a few excellent ways to avoid lines at Disney World so that you can easily navigate the park. A Disney VIP tour usually guarantees you the shortest waits and provides a more personalized experience.

Here are some ways a Disney VIP tour guide from World Class VIP can help visitors to Disney World avoid long lines for attractions and rides.

1. Use Genie+

Understanding the Genie+ system and utilizing it to your advantage is critical to enjoying the Disney experience and avoiding long lines. A Genie+ is good for specific times and can be used on rides and attractions.

Visit the website at, then use the search box to type in the particular experience or attraction you plan to visit soon. This will bring up a list of attractions with available times and space for reservations.

2. Arrive at the Park Early

One of the best ways to avoid lines at Disney World is to arrive at the theme park an hour or so before it opens. Disney World’s opening time is from 9:00 a.m. until midnight, but most parks are typically less crowded in the early morning and don’t open until 10:00 a.m., so you get that extra hour of exploring with your tour guide before the crowds arrive.

Special events usually bring in large crowds and create long lines, so make sure you know the scheduled events that might affect the wait time. If you plan on catching a special event like a parade or a sporting event, get ready to arrive early before it begins.

3. Visit the Park During Off-Peak Times

If you enter the parks during off-peak times, there will be fewer people, and you could enjoy some quiet time. Off-peak times typically range from noon to 9:00 p.m., so if you can make it happen, getting there will help you avoid long waits. The Disney experience often changes from time to time, so stay in touch with the latest tourist information.

4. Use Single Rider Lines

Single-rider lines are a great option to pursue thrilling rides on the Disney scene without waiting in line. The single-rider lines often have seats available, but you can still ride the attraction with a much shorter wait time.

Even if there is no rider line for a certain attraction, you can get away with riding that attraction by riding in single riders. The only way to know for sure is to ask. Waiting in line is not fun, and it can take some of the enjoyment out of visiting Disney World, especially if you are traveling with children.

5. Take Advantage of Extra Magic Hours

Disney World resort guests have access to Extra Magic Hours, which allows them to enter the park an hour before it opens or stay up to two hours after it closes. This can help visitors experience popular attractions with shorter wait times. Also, the Magic Kingdom is open later for ticket holders of the after 4:00 p.m. package.

6. Stay at a Disney Resort Hotel

Staying on-site is a great way to avoid lines at Disney World because you are allowed to enter the parks an hour before they open to the public, and you are also entitled to stay until one hour after they close.

This option is best if you want extra time to explore Disney World or if you plan on doing some late-night rides that usually have longer wait times than during regular hours. Also, stay in a Disney resort hotel. Your children will be eligible for complimentary breakfast, a bonus that saves your family money while visiting Disney World.

7. Make use of the Rider Switch

Rider Switch is a service that allows one party member to wait with non-riders while the rest of the party enjoys an attraction and then allows the waiting member to ride the attraction with a shorter wait time. Popular rides like Space Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad all offer Rider Switch.

You must go to the attraction with your party or family and ask for the service. The cast members will provide you with a form on which you can list which members of your party are riding on certain rides and at what time.

8. Try the Less Popular Attractions

While the most popular attractions will have longer wait times, many other attractions and experiences throughout the park may have shorter wait times. The attractions within Adventureland and Tomorrowland tend to have a shorter wait time, so if you want to go on some of the classic rides, it is best to go on those early in the morning. If you are interested in seeing a Disney 3D movie, you can catch shorter lines during the day’s first showing.

9. Use the Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan allows visitors to make reservations at participating restaurants, reducing the time spent waiting to be seated. Reservations can be made online or at Disney’s Guest Services. This plan is available for both resort and off site guests, so check out the dining plan page to learn more about it. VIP experience tickets are also available for the Memory Maker camera, which offers unlimited access to the Disney PhotoPass service.

10. Take a Break in the Middle of the Day

Taking a break in the middle of the day, when the park is typically busiest, can allow visitors to come back later, when wait times may be shorter. It is best to be at a resort with an agricultural theme, like the Swan and Dolphin, or a resort with an animal motif, like the Wilderness Lodge.

If you have a little time before the parks open, check out the attractions in these areas by visiting those resorts first. A little extra time will let you explore other parts of Disney World with much less wait time.

11. Take Advantage of Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering allows visitors to order and pay for food and drinks from their phones, reducing the time spent waiting in line at food stands and kiosks. Free quote codes are available to download on various phones, and they can help you find delicious treats like Mickey-shaped waffles, food that looks like candy, or drinks with Disney characters.

Ask for a quote code if you plan to order food or beverages for your resort room. On mobile devices that don’t have built-in QR codes, the app will take you straight to the system where you can download one.

12. Use the Express Transportation

Express Transportation is a paid service that allows visitors to bypass the regular bus, ferry, and monorail lines and get to their destination faster. Even if you don’t want the extra services, the trip is still worth it. If you need to get to a resort on the other side of Disney World or an attraction in the middle of Disney World, you can use this service to skip the lines.

Visitors to Disney World can take advantage of these services daily and access them at most resorts at no cost. So if you want to get somewhere a little faster, this is your answer.

Book Disney World VIP Tour with World Class VIP to Avoid Long Lines!

The best way to avoid lines at Disney World is by planning, being flexible, and utilizing the many different options available. If you plan on visiting Disney World without planning, you will see a lot of lines and crowds, so take advantage of everything offered on this list to make your next trip to Disney World magical.

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