Check out the new lightsaber available in 2022!

Stay in the upcoming Star Wars-themed hotel at Disney World and wield a “real life” lightsaber in your hands. Who could say no to that?

If you are a big Walt Disney World and Star Wars fan, your mind will explode once the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel opens next year at the world’s biggest theme park.

The event will feature an immersive experience that will last for two days and two nights. You can interact with characters from the Resistance, choose alliances, and meet the ship captain and mechanic.

And this is just a taste of things to come… The real treat is when you hold in your hands the new Disney lightsaber – a “working lightsaber” with a blade that will extend and retract with a push of a button!

Throw out all your preconceptions about the toy lightsabers of old. The new Disney lightsaber looks, works, and sounds just like the powerful weapons wielded by the Jedi in arguably the most successful franchise of all time.

A Personalized Star Wars Experience

Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro says that guests will be plunged into the Star Wars storyline from the moment they step into the hotel to the moment they step out. Their actions, decisions, and even conversations will determine how things unfold.

The hotel is designed to maximize the experience. Its windows are digital screens that show changing views of outer space, so you feel like you are really inside the Halcyon Starcruiser. You can learn about the spaceship’s navigation and defense systems, be treated to fine dining as a Twi’lek dancer entertains you and be taken to the Star Wars Galaxy Edge area of the theme park for a field trip.

All of these only serve to set the stage for the piéce de résistance – holding a real lightsaber, or the closest thing anyone in this galaxy can get to.

The New Disney Lightsaber

Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro first hinted about the new Disney lightsaber in a press conference for an upcoming Avengers Campus attraction. This was followed by a Disney Parks blog post where the chairman shared some teasers about the upcoming Star Wars attraction.

Finally, on May 4th – known to the world as Star Wars Day – they released a video showing the new Disney lightsaber in action. The video starts with a Disney cast member dressed as a Star Wars character with her back turned. As she faces the camera, a lightsaber’s hilt is revealed in her hands. She then turns it on, and a blade made from LED lights extends from the hilt to the familiar hum of a lightsaber.

The clip is only 13 seconds long, but it sent the internet world abuzz with anticipation.

Still in the Works

Disney’s Imagineering Research and Development is the brain behind the highly anticipated lightsaber. They designed it similar to how a tape measure works, using the same principle to make the blade extend and retract.

According to Disney, the retractable lightsaber is not yet available for sale. The Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development team is still working out the final details. They assure fans from all over the world that it will be ready by the time the hotel opens in 2022!

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