If you’re a Nintendo fan… Universal Studios will be the destination for you!

Universal Studios, Orlando is ready to bring your childhood favorites to life after confirming that Super Nintendo World will be part of its new theme park, Universal’s Epic Universe! If you have been keeping up-to-date with all the announcements, you may know that this immersive, video game land opened at Universal Studios Japan in March 2021.

However, the opening schedule for the US has long been uncertain due to COVID-19—until now.

As confirmed by Nintendo, Super Nintendo World will open in 2023 at Universal Studios, Hollywood. While there is no fixed date for the Orlando Park yet, the current schedule points to the land’s opening in 2025. This aligns with the opening date for Epic Universe. So, to get you up to speed, here’s everything you need to know about Nintendo at Universal.

What to Expect in Super Nintendo World

Though it may take a while longer to experience Nintendo at Universal Studios Orlando, there’s good news for all the Nintendo fans.

For one, Orlando’s opening will be the biggest and most complete as it will feature all three major attractions: Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Adventure, and the upcoming Donkey Kong roller coaster set to open in Japan in 2024. In contrast, the Hollywood park will only open with the Mario Kart ride, so you can look forward to a grand opening in Orlando at some point in the future as well!

Overall, Nintendo World at Universal Studios will have plenty of rides and interactive areas that take you through the classic Nintendo games you grew up playing. It will be an immersive land, so you can expect it to be separated from all other areas in the park.

Rides and Attractions in Super Nintendo World

For now, most of the information on the rides and attractions in Nintendo at Universal Studios Orlando is based on those present in Japan. However, as mentioned, it will feature three main rides:

●    Mario Kart is an interactive and exhilarating ride that takes you through a racecourse featuring different Mario characters. It is built with augmented reality to allow players to shoot at their opponents while on the ride.

●    Yoshi’s Adventure is a slow-paced ride that tours you around different Nintendo attractions, which makes it a great choice for all ages.

●    The Donkey Kong roller coaster has yet to be opened anywhere, but with the information available so far, it seems that this ride will feature the mine cart levels in the video games.

Aside from these, Nintendo at Universal has so much more to offer. One unique park feature is the power-up band, which you can buy in different character designs like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. These bands allow you to play key challenges, collect virtual coins, and get the full Nintendo experience.

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