How to have a great time if you only have one day at Disney World.

As we’ve discussed in the past, Disney World is an incredibly large park. That’s one reason why so many people take advantage of multi-day packages that will give them the flexibility and time that’s required to enjoy everything on their list.

With the hectic lives that many of us seem to be leading these days, however, a multi-day vacation may not be possible. Or perhaps you’re simply in the mood for a quick trip where you can enjoy yourself without spending tons of money or taking a lot of time off work. How do you experience the most with just one day at Disney World? We’d like to share some quick ideas with you to help make that happen.

Consider Choosing Just One Park

Disney World consists of four separate parks – Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT – and each one is quite sizable. Many visitors will choose a couple of parks and take advantage of Disney’s Park Hopper ticket. While that’s certainly a good idea, keep in mind that if you only have one day at Disney World, you’re going to eat up at least an hour getting from one park to another.

Create a Basic Itinerary for Your Trip

Whether you spend one day at Disney World or an entire week, you should always write up a basic itinerary for your trip. This will allow you to stay more focused, which will help ensure that you enjoy everything that you came to see. You should always have a degree of flexibility, however, especially during the ongoing pandemic because certain places may be closed.

Download My Disney Experience

The My Disney Experience app should first be used to design your itinerary for the day. It includes a full map of Disney World and will provide you details of which attractions, restaurants, and other locations are open. When you’re at the park, it will keep you aware of wait times for the rides so that you can adjust your itinerary as needed.

Stay at One of the Disney Resorts

There are multiple Disney resorts to choose from and you simply can’t go wrong with any of them. Making Disney hotel reservations as soon as possible will provide you with further flexibility. These hotels and resorts will save you time getting to the park because they’re in close proximity.

Take Some Snacks Along with You

The last thing we ever want to do is deprive you of the wonderful snacks that you can find throughout Disney World. If you only have one day, though, we also don’t want to see you spending so much time making multiple breaks to get food. Instead, limit yourself to a few stops and take along some snacks. If you really want to save time, bring along lunch and skip the restaurant experience.

Sign Up for a Disney World Tour

The best way to squeeze out everything you can from one day at Disney World is by signing up for a private Disney VIP tour. With the help of Disney VIP tour guides, you’ll spend less time standing in line, locate your favorite characters, find the best hotel, navigate the park with ease, and much more. Try it once and you may never return without a private guide for a Disney VIP tour again.

Use FastPass+ (When It Returns)

The FastPass+ program allows you to choose three rides in advance where you don’t have to wait in the normal line. This is a great tool for getting the most popular rides out of the way and is even better as part of a private VIP tour. Since social distancing currently requires the space normally used for FastPass, the program has been temporarily halted, but it will return soon!

Arrive Early and Stay Until Closing

Many visitors don’t seem to take advantage of the hours that Disney World is open. First off, you should show up at least half an hour before the gates open so that you can get a head start. It will especially help if you already know which rides are most popular and go there first. The crowd will the heaviest in the afternoon and then lighten up in the early evening, so you should also stay until closing or as late as you possibly can.

Contact World Class VIP for an Incredible One Day at Disney Experience

By following these simple tips, just one day at Disney World can be a fantastic adventure for you and your family. World Class VIP can help you along by providing you with a private Disney World tour that includes loads of perks. With our VIP experience, we’ll assist you with spending less time in line, navigating the park, making hotel reservations, discovering new foods, finding your favorite characters, and more. To receive a free, no-obligation private Disney VIP tour quote, call our team at (407) 270-0956 today.

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