Getting ready for a Disney World VIP Tour this winter? Here’s what you should pack.

One of the most popular times to go to the Disney World is in the winter, which runs from November through February. In fact, Disney World pulls out all the stops for the winter season, with Christmas as one of the main Disney themes during this time of year.

If you are planning a winter trip to the Magic Kingdom, don’t forget to take some time to think about packing for Disney World. Here is some information about packing for Disney World during the winter months.

What’s The Scoop About Packing for Disney World?

Packing for Disney World in the summer means packing for Florida weather. You should pack lightweight clothing and lots of sunscreen.

But when you pack for Disney World in the winter, you have different objectives. Winter is an interesting time of year in Florida. Winter weather in Florida is often called the dry season, because this is the time of the year in Florida doesn’t receive much rain.

However, if you’re thinking that winter in Florida means sub-freezing temperatures, that’s not the case. In Orlando, the average temperature during the winter months is in the low to mid-70s, and the lows at night average in the mid-50s. Snow is nearly unheard of here, in fact; the last time there was even a trace of snow in Orlando was nearly 50 years ago!

Packing For Disney World: Make a List!

If you are packing for a Disney World trip this winter, the most important item you need to pack for your days at Disney is layers. Layers are essential for you and your family to visit the theme parks in Orlando in style.

Be sure to pack long sleeve shirts and long pants, as well as short sleeve shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts. Not sure how exactly to pack for the possible cold weather with layers? You can always take along an empty park bag to stash layers in when your family gets warm with park touring.

Pack the Right Footwear!

There are other items you might want to pack. If the weather forecast is warm, you may want to pack bathing suits so you can visit the water parks or use the outdoor pools that are close to your hotel rooms. Also, because you will be doing so much walking, you’ll need comfortable shoes. Unless you spend a lot of time in park touring, you need to avoid tennis shoes.

If you love your tennis shoes, and you don’t want to go without them, be sure you are wearing socks to avoid getting blisters, which are the bane of many a travelers. You may want to use hiking sandals or lightweight tennis shoes with a lot of flexibility.

What Other Items Need To Be On My Packing List?

Although winter is the dry season in Florida, it wouldn’t hurt for you to pack raingear for your family. If you don’t want to carry umbrellas, you may want to pack rain ponchos for everyone, because they are lightweight.

Ponchos can also can be great for spreading out on the ground for picnics, or even to wear so you can avoid the splash zone. Depending on the forecast, you may also want to pack cold weather gear, such as gloves, hats and scarves. While it may be warm during the day, temperatures can plummet into the 50s quickly at night.

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