When to make plans for Disney World vacations!

In the past couple of months, millions of people across the country have had to change their daily routines, began wearing face masks, switched to working from home, and even cancelled family trips around the world. Many would-be travelers to Orlando have been severely disappointed that their plans for Disney World had to be postponed.

When it was announced that Disney Springs would be reopening on May 20th, it became apparent that vacationers would soon have the option to visit the entire park. even though no other dates have been announced as of yet, this means that making plans for Disney World is officially on the table, and we’re here to help you with a few simple tips.

Decide When you Want to Visit

The first thing you want to do, of course, is to decide when you want to visit. This may be a little tricky right now because Disney hasn’t announced any other reopening dates yet, but you can definitely figure out if you would like to attempt if is it by the end of the year or possibly wait until early 2021. It also won’t hurt to make plans for Disney World that may include an impromptu trip in the event that dates are announced earlier than expected and you’re ready to go as soon as possible.

Be Aware of Potential Guidelines

When you begin making plans for Disney World, it’s important to realize that there will be guidelines to follow so that everyone can stay healthy and safe. There’s already been a swirl of activity online regarding what social distancing, attraction cleaning, virus testing, and other such elements will look like once the park is back up and running. It’s not a bad idea to consider how these things may affect your trip, especially if you have young children who might not understand everything that’s going on.

Plan a Basic Itinerary Before Arrival

No matter when you make plans for Disney World, you should create a basic itinerary of the attractions you want to visit, the characters you’d like to meet, the Disney hotel reservations you need to make, where you want to eat, etc. This itinerary can always be changed on-the-fly, of course, but starting off with a plan will help ensure that you can experience as much as possible while at the park. You can also download the Disney World map from their website or view it on the My Disney app to help you plot out your day.

Consider a Private Disney VIP Tour

For many years now, the best way to squeeze as much fun as possible out of your Orlando vacation has been to sign up for a private tour. The Disney VIP tour guides utilized by a third party will help you skip lines, make hotel reservations, discover new food, navigate the park, meet your favorite characters, keep your belongings secure, and much more. And due to the coronavirus pandemic, the guides will add proper health and safety guidelines to their VIP experience repertoire.

Book a Disney Resort for Disney World Vacations

Choosing a great resort hotel can be an adventure all its own thanks to the wide variety of themes, amenities, and other qualities that are available throughout the selections. Making the proper Disney hotel reservations will also lessen the time that you spend traveling to the park, which means less stress and more time to enjoy the fun. And keep in mind that the guides available through private Disney VIP tours can assist you with finding the best hotel that fits your needs.

Contact World Class VIP to Plan Your Disney World Vacations

Families all over the globe are ready to have Disney World vacations as soon as restrictions have been lifted. World Class VIP is standing by to help you make plans for Disney World whenever you’re ready. To learn more about our services or to receive a free quote, call us today at (407) 270-1781.

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