How to save money when visiting Disney World this summer!

Orlando’s favorite theme park will be reopening in July, but due to the United States being in economic recovery mode right now, many visitors will be planning a Disney World vacation while trying to tighten their belt a bit more than usual. The good news is that it’s definitely possible to save money at Disney World if you watch your spending before you reach the park and during your admission day.

To help you out a bit, we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you lower your expenditures at Disney World.

Keep an Eye Out for Discounts

The most obvious way to save money at Disney World is to keep an eye out for discounts on admissions to the park, hotel reservations, restaurant deals, and more. Since this has been an especially odd year thus far, it’s difficult to know what visitors can expect. While Disney World has lost a lot of money in the past few months because of the coronavirus closures, it’s possible that they’ll need to lower prices as a way to entice more visitors.

Check Out Budget Disney Resorts

A lot of people are surprised that making Disney hotel reservations is such a big part of their visit. The truth, however, is that hotels have a large variety of amenities ranging from themed rooms to water slides and everything in between. Many people are under the false impression that all Disney resorts are very pricey, but there are a few lower-priced hotels available. They may not be as lavish as fancy, but they feature beautiful rooms, family-friendly decor, and multiple amenities.

Grab a Disney World Vacation Package

You know how you can save a few bucks if you get a McDonald’s combo that includes fries and a drink? Think of a Disney World vacation package as the ultimate combo at the greatest fast food restaurant you can imagine. By staying for multiple days and bundling visits to the park with hotel reservations, you and your family can save money at Disney World quite easily. Plus, more days means more fun.

Consider Investing in an Annual Pass

If you do a lot of traveling or live either in Florida or a nearby state, you definitely want to consider picking up an annual pass. Depending on the type of annual pass you purchase, you can visit the park as often as once every day. But, even if you only go every month or two, you’ll see a ton of savings. Plus, some of the passes provide fringe benefits such as free parking, hotel discounts, 20% off certain food and retail items, and more.

Save Money on Park Souvenirs

One way that you can definitely save money at Disney World is to not purchase certain items there. This is a two-pronged approach. First, you can opt to spend any potential souvenir money on making memories through ticket upgrades, fancy hotels, character breakfasts, and other options. Second, if you have your heart set on a certain souvenir, check to see if that item is available online somewhere because the price will often be lower.

Bring Your Own Snacks to the Park

Everywhere you turn throughout Disney World, you’re very likely to see some kind of culinary delight that you want to try. There are so many different things to eat that it would take dozens of visits to try everything. Of course, picking up snacks between attractions can get quite expensive. A better alternative is to bring along a few snacks of your own – which is allowed – and use those to satisfy your cravings between bigger meals.

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