World Class VIP will handle your SeaWorld hotel reservations along with your VIP tour!

At long last, it looks like we know exactly when SeaWorld will open in Orlando – June 11th! Just in time, too – the summer season is upon us and what better way to get outdoors than with an Orlando vacation that includes the country’s most famous hotspots for exotic marine animals?

World Class VIP has gained a great reputation in recent years because of our dedication to Disney VIP tours that provide a unique and wonderful experience for travelers. What you might not realize is that our SeaWorld VIP tours are filled with the same excellence. Let’s take a look at what we can deliver for both a SeaWorld tour and hotel reservations.

Plan an Itinerary

The first thing that World Class will do when setting up a SeaWorld tour is to work with you and plan an itinerary. You’ll go over all of the attractions that you would like to see for the day, which ones you absolutely can’t miss, where you’d like to eat lunch, any snacks that you’d like to pick up, any souvenirs to take home, and everything else that’s important to you for the visit. This itinerary will remain flexible throughout your trip, of course, but it will provide you with a basic layout to kick things off.

Skip Long Lines

The best thing about a private VIP experience is the ability to skip long lines throughout the day. One way that World Class accomplishes this is by training their guides to know the park like the back of their hands. With the ability to navigate from one place to the next very quickly and being aware of which attractions are the busiest, the longest lines are often avoided. Plus, our private tour allows you to get reserved seating at a show of your choice and to skip lines at the rides you prefer.

Find the Best Hotel

SeaWorld hotels are definitely some of the best places to stay in all of Orlando. These hotels add to the experience of the park by providing different amenities and advantages. World Class will work closely with you to determine which of the hotels would be best to serve your needs and keep you within a set budget. You can choose to stay in one that is extremely close to the park or one that is in proximity to restaurants, the beach, or other locales that you plan to visit while in Orlando.

Fine Dining Experience

The SeaWorld tour offered by World Class VIP simply wouldn’t be complete without having a delicious meal in the middle of the day. Included with the private VIP tour is a very filling sit-down lunch at the full-service Sharks Underwater Grill Restaurant. As you enjoy a meal consisting of the most delicious flavors found in the ocean along with a long list of other favorites, you’ll be delighted by numerous sharks swimming in the water around you.

Contact World Class for an Exciting Sea World VIP Tour

Perhaps you’ve utilized our Disney VIP tour guides when visiting Disney World in the past or maybe SeaWorld is more your cup of tea. Either way, our dedication to excellence is unmatched. Our SeaWorld tour guides will help you navigate the park, skip long lines, discover the best food, locate the most amazing shows, find the best SeaWorld hotels, and a whole lot more. Give us a call at (407) 270-3784 to book a free private VIP Disney tour quote.

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