Upcoming events at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Known for being one of the most memorable and beautiful places on Earth, Disney World continues to be a top attraction for guests and tourists. No matter how old you are, the fun never dies out, and the excitement will always be there as you walk towards the gates to the theme park. From the richly designed stories behind every Disney character to the beautifully designed resorts and creative rides, there is no better way to describe Disney World than magical!

In fact, the iconic Magic Kingdom park in Disney World is branded as the most magical place on Earth. Regardless of why anyone decides to visit Disney World, the events at Magic Kingdom will always be a classic part of each person’s itinerary. No trip can be complete without visiting the nostalgic theme park, so whether it be the attractions, food options, or rides, there will always be something to look forward to.

Check out some of the special events at Magic Kingdom in store for you in 2021. After looking through this list, you may just be convinced to get a Disney VIP tour and book a trip to go back to the most magical place on earth and receive a VIP Experience!

TRON Lightcycle Run Roller Coaster

Space Mountain has long been the go-to roller coaster ride in Magic Kingdom, but in 2021, you can expect something new in store for guests! The TRON Lightcycle Run, famous in Disneyland Shanghai, is coming to Orlando’s Disney World to celebrate its 50th anniversary. With this new and fun ride, you can experience boarding a two-wheeled lightcycle and ride through the world of TRON in Tomorrowland.

The TRON roller coaster’s construction is perhaps one of the most exciting events at Magic Kingdom for the coming year. As such, you are sure to look forward to something as you get ready to go back to Disney World in 2021.

Cinderella Castle’s Royal Makeover

The makeover to the iconic castle began early in March this year but was halted due to the pandemic restrictions. Fortunately, construction continued later on, allowing the project to be fully completed. As such, if you plan to visit Disney World next year, you can certainly look forward to visiting Cinderella’s Castle as one of your top events at Magic Kingdom.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Disney is known for celebrating different occasions all-year-round. During Halloween, Magic Kingdom offers the Not-So-Scary Halloween party, where you join Mickey and his friends for 42 nights of fun. Unfortunately, the event was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic and restrictions that caused some operations to be shut down temporarily. As the park reopens its doors, you can add this event back to the list of things to look for in your Disney VIP tour.

Disney After Hours

Disney After Hours is a ticket event that allows you to continue spending time at Magic Kingdom, but with less crowds! Admission allows you to stay in the park after regular hours, allowing you to experience shorter lines with rides and do character greetings without long lines. For 2021, you can expect this event to occur on specific days. However, Disney World has yet to release the official dates for this, so make sure to tune in to announcements to know when you can get after-hours access.

Walt Disney Marathon Weekend

The Walt Disney Marathon Weekend is an annual event where you can take part in various marathons. For 2021, the event has been made virtual for the first time, so you can expect some changes in how it takes place. You can opt for the full 26.2 virtual mile marathon or go for a half marathon with 13.1 virtual miles. If you prefer something even more intensive, you can participate in Goofy’s Race and a Half challenge, which takes place in two days and spans 39.3 miles.

Though a virtual marathon may seem unusual at first, you can be assured that Disney will make it just as magical and memorable as any of its other events. Try something different in the coming new year by joining thousands of other people in the race!

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