Prepare for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios!

The video game worlds of Nintendo have been around for so long at this point that you’d be hard-pressed to find any child or adult who hasn’t spent quite a few hours trying to save princesses or defeat evildoers. It’s kind of boggles the mind that Nintendo has never built its own theme park. With hundreds of characters created over many years, the possibilities are virtually endless.

While the idea of Nintendo having its own theme park may never come to fruition, Universal Studios announced five years ago that Super Nintendo World would soon join their family of parks. Although we’re still a few years away from it being completed, it won’t be long before the excitement surrounding the new park will reach its peak.

A Brief Overview of Epic Universe

Universal Studios currently consists of two separate theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. There’s also a water park called Volcano Bay, a dining and shopping area known as CityWalk, and half a dozen hotels. Epic Universe would be the third theme park and it would feature a central hub in the center of its design with individual lands radiating out from it. Very little is known about what each of these lands would consist of, but one of them will be Super Nintendo World.

The Design of Super Nintendo World

Despite its name, the primary focus of Super Nintendo World will be the Mario universe of characters. The teaser video that was unveiled a while back shows that visitors can expect an environment that will make you feel as if you’ve stepped right into the Super Mario series of video games. As you can imagine, it’s bright and colorful, filled with bricks and platforms galore, and the attractions will be based on characters such as Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and more. You can also expect Mario-themed dining experiences and plenty of characters to meet and greet.

Featuring Digital “Power-Up Bands”

When Universal and Nintendo set out to create the Super Nintendo World experience, they decided that they want children and adults to interact with the environment. This is being done with the use of Power-Up Bands, which are digital wristbands that allow the wearer to collect digital coins and compete with other visitors. They will also be able to collect character stamps and interact with question blocks, which can be hit to collect more coins.

 Potential Changes to Construction

Even though Super Nintendo World was announced in 2015, the design and construction was expected to take several years. The original plan was for Epic Universe to open in 2023, with Super Nintendo World as part of it. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic that has sent the planet into chaos has also affected construction of this new and exciting theme park. At the very least, it will push construction back until 2024. Of course, there’s also the possibility that Universal may go back to its original plan where the KidsZone at Universal Studios Florida will be replaced with Super Nintendo World. Only time will tell.

Enjoy Universal with a Private Tour

Super Nintendo World is still a few years off, but you can have a fantastic time at the current park right now by signing up for a Universal Studios VIP tour. You’ll be sure not to miss anything that may be altered or removed in the event that KidsZone or another area is affected. Check out just some of the benefits you receive with a private VIP experience conducted by your very own personal guide:

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  • Discover Amazing Food and Drinks — The park is filled with a wonderful collection of food and beverages, and your guide knows where they’re all located.
  • Stay Within Health and Safety Rules — The guide will go over all of the coronavirus safety precautions with you and help you follow them, as needed.

Contact World Class VIP for Super Nintendo World Updates

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