Prepare yourself for Universal Studios’ Epic Universe Theme Park!

Universal Orlando Resort in Florida will be opening a third park. It will be called Universal Orlando Epic Universe! This will be their most immersive and innovative theme park yet. It’s sure to make Universal a stronger rival to Disney World.

Universal Orlando’s Newest Park

There’s constant competition between Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Disney is a favorite, but recent improvements have made Universal a major competitor. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter helped Universal become an even stronger competitor. Both companies frequently add new rides and attractions to their parks in an attempt to outdo one another.

The investments Universal made in their parks during the pandemic are paying off. They’ve seen growth in all geographies. Beijing’s Universal Park turned a profit for the first time since it opened. Now, they are resuming construction on Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe.

Universal Studios hasn’t released very many details, but it should rival other recent additions to their parks. They launched Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. This park will soon have a Donkey Kong area too. Another Nintendo land is expected to open in Hollywood next year, where they already have a Secret Life of Pets land.

The Orlando Disney Resort includes four parks, two water parks, a shopping complex, and several hotels and restaurants. This makes it easy to spend a full week there. Even if you stay for a week, you won’t see everything.

Universal has two parks, a water park, a shopping complex, and several hotels. This makes it easy to tour. Visitors typically stay at Disney and spend only a day or two at Universal. This new park should change that, especially with Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom considered half-day parks.

Guests will now need a full week just for Universal if they want to see all of the top attractions and rides.

What to Expect When Visiting Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe

Comcast confirmed rumors about their new park in January of 2020. The Epic Universe Theme Park is expected to have a Nintendo Land. It’ll be similar to Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Japan, with popular Nintendo characters. Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge will be a driving simulation ride.

Yoshi’s Adventure will be an interactive dark ride, and Browse Jr.’s Shadow Showdown will be an interactive in-park adventure. Browse Jr. will require the purchase of a power-up, but it is an immersive experience that you use throughout the park.

A How to Train a Dragon-themed land will be aimed at younger children. The How to Train a Dragon franchise includes three movies, three TV shows, and several shorts. It’s sure to be a hit with several flat rides, a boat ride, and possibly a theater space.

We may see a third addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The theme would center around the Ministry of Magic. Expect a new ride and a performance stage for shows.

A new aerial photo shows Classic Monsters Land. Universal hasn’t confirmed this land, but they did state that there will be a land devoted to the Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, and other iconic monsters. It’ll be in the park’s northwest corner, with two attractions, two restaurants, and a shopping area.

When Will Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe Open?

Universal’s Epic Universe Theme Park will open in 2025. The park is confirmed, and construction has begun. There’s already a roller coaster track onsite for a Donkey Kong mine cart ride. There’s also a track for a How to Train Your Dragon coaster that goes above and below ground.

Other rides have been spotted, but they are not yet confirmed. An additional track in the staging area of Epic Universe can be seen. This ride is still unknown. A massive two-track steel coaster has been seen in Epic Universe’s concept art.

The Universal Epic Universe was announced in August 2019. Construction started, but it was paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction resumed in July 2020, and an expected opening is planned for 2025.

Where You Can Find the New Park

Right now, people stay at Walt Disney World and pop over to Universal to hit the highlights. The Universal Orlando Resort hopes that this new park will make it a stand-alone vacation destination. This will be the first new park either company has built since Harry Potter raised the expectations of theme park guests.

You’ll find Universal Orlando Epic Universe a few miles south of the existing Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. It sits on 750 acres south of Sand Lake Road and east of Universal Boulevard. The concept art shows at least two roller coasters, several indoor rides, large lakes, and a towering hotel. This will double Universal’s acreage in Orlando.

The Best Way to See Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe

Only the Nintendo-themed land is confirmed by Universal, but we can expect several lands and a central hub with restaurants and shops. This could easily be Orlando’s largest theme park.

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