Are you planning a Disney World vacation in January? Here’s what you should wear.

Are you thinking about what to wear to Disney World in January? Since January is one of the winter months, ensure that you carry several warm clothes because the Florida weather can be unpredictable at times. Moreover, January is a great time to go on a Disney VIP Tour because the weather is not overly humid or hot.

In fact, according to the previous weather forecast, the average temperature of Florida in January ranges from 49 degrees Fahrenheit in Orlando to 74 degrees Fahrenheit during midday in the Florida Keys. This shows that January is the best time to go on a Disney World vacation in Florida.

So, what type of clothes should you wear on your trip to Disney World in order to have the best time? Below is a guide to the best clothes to wear to Disney World.

What to wear to Disney World in January

Here are the types of clothes and shoes to include in your Disney World packing list to ensure you have the best experience at Disney:

Gloves and warm hats

If you know you are planning to stay until late into the night during your Disney World vacation, then you should definitely arm yourself with warm hats and gloves. Although nighttime parades and fireworks can be a thrilling experience, January is a cool time of the year, which means it could get really cold at night.

To make certain that you and your friends or family members remain cozy and warm throughout the nighttime experience, ensure that you bring several pairs of gloves and hats.

Tennis shoes or sneakers

When you are packing your shoes, make sure that you pack the most comfortable shoes possible, such as tennis shoes or sneakers. During your VIP experience at Disney, you will either walk around a lot or be required to remain on your feet for an extended amount of time as you enjoy the experiences. If you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, e.g., heels for women, then your feet may start hurting, preventing you from enjoying the experience.

Also, ensure that you wear shoes that are already familiar to your feet or that have been broken into. Some new shoes may leave you with blisters if you wear them for a long time on the first day. Tennis shoes or sneakers are comfortable, breathable, and warm in case you visit the theme parks on one of those rainy days.

Bathing suit and sunscreen

Once you have had your fill of the VIP experience at Disney World, you may wish to unwind in the hotel pool, which will require a bathing suit. You can carry your bathing suit in your bag or wear it under your clothes. For women, if you want to wear your bathing suit under your clothes, ensure that you wear a one-piece swimming suit. When it’s time to get in the pool, you will not need to look for a changing room.

If you are thinking of leaving the swimwear behind because you doubt whether you will be able to swim in the cold weather, then you will be pleased to learn that Disney heats their pools. Don’t forget to pack the kids’ swimwear as well if you are taking your family to Disney World.

Sunscreen always goes hand in hand with swimwear. Just because it’s January, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sunscreen to protect your skin as you bask next to the pool. Make sure you carry sunscreen in your travel bag because it doesn’t take up much space.

Layers of clothes

When planning what to wear to Disney World in January, make sure to pack a variety of clothes that can be worn in layers, such as tank tops, long sleeve shirts, shorts, jeans, and many others. Wearing clothes in layers allows you to enjoy the cool weather at the magic kingdom while remaining comfortably warm and protected from the cold.

Additionally, carry several pairs of sweaters and hoodies that you can slip in and out of with ease. In case it gets too warm in the middle of the day on your Walt Disney World resort tour, just tie your hoodie or sweater around your waist.

Rain gear, e.g., jackets, coats, and umbrellas

Another item that you should add when making a list of what to wear to Disney World in January is rain gear. We recommend that you check the weather before going to Disney World in January so that you know the type of rain gear to carry, e.g., a light rain jacket or a heavy winter coat. In addition, make certain that you carry a small umbrella in your bag in case it rains.

The coat/jacket and umbrella will help you remain warm during the freezing mornings and cold evenings you spend at the Disney parks. You can also rent a locker at the Disney theme park if you do not wish to carry your rain gear with you everywhere you go.

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