What should you wear when visiting The Happiest Place on Earth?

Traveling can be fun and exciting for various reasons. Whether you are looking for a vacation to unwind and de-stress or craving an adventure to make new memories, traveling can surely help you achieve that. While there are numerous activities you can include in your itinerary, nothing beats the fun and memories of going to theme parks. Disney World, specifically, will always be one of the top choices to include in anyone’s travel plans.

Before you get to thinking about things like what to wear to Disney or what Disney VIP tour to book, the first thing to consider would be when you will be visiting. When it comes to Disney World, it does not matter when you choose to go as the park is filled with fun and adventure all-year-round! However, if you are looking to visit the park at a more relaxed time, you may consider January as it is the time after all the festivities from the holidays.

January can be divided in terms of the Disney crowd as you might expect larger crowds during the weekends but less people on the weekdays. Thus, you may be able to book your Disney hotel reservations more easily on the less crowded days. That said, when visiting Disney, you naturally want to be as comfortable as possible. Thus, knowing the weather can help you plan out what to wear to Disney.

Weather in January

What better way to start the new year than by spending some time in Disney World to get the VIP Experience? January is also deemed to be a great time to visit the iconic theme park as the weather in Orlando is pleasant, with mild temperatures ranging from 49 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, rainfall chances are much lower than during the spring and summer.

The January weather in Disney World is generally mild and cool, so you need not worry about the heat or humidity. That said, you may have to pack more clothing with you as the temperature may be colder than in other months and may even dip at night.

What to Wear to Disney World

Planning out some outfits for your trip and not sure what to wear to Disney? Given that the weather will be cool and possibly chilly during the early mornings and at night, you can pack the following:

Clothing Layers

Since the weather will be on the cooler side in January, it will be best to pack some light layers that can work for possible peaks or drops in temperature. To enjoy your Disney VIP tour, you would want to feel your most comfortable, so wearing the right clothes will be important. You can bring at least one pair of shorts and a few tank tops, but expect to wear layers with long-sleeved tees, cardigans, or windbreakers.

You can wear some breathable and lightweight clothing when you go to the park, then add layers as the day goes. The weather can be unpredictable at times, so packing some layers can help you adjust for any necessary considerations.

Comfortable Shoes

When visiting Disney World, expect to be walking around the whole day. As such, pack a pair of comfortable shoes to bring with you. Tennis shoes and sneakers will be ideal to ensure you can walk for long periods. Avoid wearing shoes that you have not broken into as you may end up getting blisters or wounds after moving around the park.

Outerwear and Accessories

Even in January, the weather may still be cold, especially with the winter from December. Thus, bringing a jacket or accessories like a hat or mittens may keep you warm and comfortable. An umbrella will also be useful in case of unexpected rain, while a blanket can keep you warm during the night if you plan to stay for the parades or fireworks.

The clothing mentioned above serves as a guide on what to wear to Disney in January 2021. However, like any other trip, it will be helpful to check the forecast in advance as you never know when the temperature may fluctuate. Wearing the right clothes can ensure you stay comfortable throughout your stay in Disney World, so knowing the weather will be crucial to know what to pack.

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