2022 is a year of changes for Walt Disney World Resort.

A few days ago, the theme park announced that it would remove all COVID-19 restrictions – to the delight of countless parkgoers. And now, news of changes to Disney World Genie Plus has only added to the anticipation of Disney fans.

But what is Disney World Genie Plus, and what changes can guests expect when visiting the world-class Disney Park?

What is Disney World Genie Plus?

If you want the best time and make the most of your visit to the famous Florida Disney park, the Disney World Genie Plus is the perfect service for you. It is a paid service within the Disneyland and My Disney Experience app, which helps guests maximize their time during their visit.

If there was the FastPass+ and Skip the Line service before, today there’s the Genie+ that offers similar advantages at a small price.

Guests can purchase the Genie+ service for $15, allowing them to make reservations for a specific time slot at more than 40 attractions in the park. Of course, there’s already a complimentary Genie service that helps park goers create a customized itinerary. But add the Genie+, and you’ll surely take your trip to the next level.

Here are the specific benefits the service offers:

  • It allows parkgoers to use the regular Lightning Lane entrance.
  • It lets you skip the standby line on two selected attractions, so you don’t waste time and jump directly on the ride.
  • For a small fee, you can bypass long lines at the most popular attractions in the park.

With these advantages, the extra $15 is worth it. It will give you enough time to enjoy other attractions around the park, especially if you only have one day.

However, the complimentary Genie service will do if you’re visiting Disney for several days. But of course, for guests who hate waiting in line, buying the Disney World Genie Plus is a no-brainer.

Changes with Disney World Genie Plus

It’s not the first time Genie+ has undergone some changes. The park adjusted the rules several times already, and attractions were added and removed from the service. There was even a time when the Individual Lighting Lane was turned into a regular one and reverted.

However, with the changes this time around, what can guests expect?

First, guests can skip the lengthy standby lines at popular attractions, which can take as much as two hours, through the Individual Lightning Lane. However, you need to pay an individual fee for this service, apart from the $15 cost of Disney World Genie Plus. Depending on the attraction, this additional fee ranges from $7 to $15.

The Individual Lightning Lane is quite advantageous since it allows you to choose your own return time. Hence, you can opt for whenever you’re available and won’t have to rush anywhere.

But is the added fee reasonable?

When you think about the time you can save, especially since these are for sought-after rides, then it’s helpful. It works great for guests who want to try everything at the park before their visit ends.

Another thing to note about Genie+ Individual Lightning Lane is that you can purchase it directly from the My Disney Experience app. You only need to choose the date of your visit, and it will automatically link to your account.

When your account is ready, you can get a reservation for the first Lightning Lane of your choice as soon as the park opens or as early as 7 am for resort hotel guests. You can only make another reservation when you’ve already tapped into your first chosen attraction or when two hours have passed since you made the reservation.

Of course, you can choose to enjoy the regular Lightning Lane and avoid paying additional fees. However, this standard service only allows two attractions per day of your visit.

So, if you’re only going for a day, you will need to rush to experience the most out of Disney World.

More importantly, many popular Disney World rides are unavailable for the regular Lightning Lane. Worse, the five previously on it, will be removed and only available for the Individual Lightning Lane starting August 8. These attractions are the following:

But don’t worry if these attractions will no longer be available for the regular Lightning Lane. There are over 40 attractions you can choose from if you don’t want to pay extra for Individual Lightning Lanes.

Plus, you can take advantage of the Genie system and go to park hopping. The service will give you real-time suggestions to make Disney vacations well worth it.

Take Advantage of Genie+ Now!

If there’s a better time to visit Walt Disney World, it’s now. There are no more COVID-19 restrictions, so you can enjoy everything the park offers.

However, with all the changes in the park and Disney World Genie Plus, it can be confusing to keep up with everything.

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