What Are Some Hints About New “Lands” Coming to Disney World Theme Park?

One of the largest questions Disney World resorts fans ask is, “What are the new lands coming to Disney World?” If you’re wondering when Disney is going to announce the new lands coming to Disney World theme park, you may be waiting a while. However, there have been some hints from the Mouse House about potential new lands.

These new lands coming to Disney World mean there’s an area to be built with more than one attraction. Here is additional information about potential new lands coming to Disney World theme park.

Disney enchantment was on full display at the D23 Expo fan club conference held each year. At the expo, several hints were dropped about future Disney lands. It turns out that the Imagineers at Disney have been doing some thinking about new lands.

A Land of Disney “Villains?”

One of the most interesting hint the Disney folks mentioned was the concept of a land dedicated to Disney villains. Characters could include: Maleficent, Ursula, and even Gaston. While the company did not specify where it might be, they also mentioned the land of the villains could be next to, or even behind the planned land of Encanto or Coco.

These new lands coming to Disney World would be popular. Both movies appealed to a huge audience, and were a big hit for Disney. The concept art for both films was beautiful and imaginative. Fans of the films are hoping Disney will recreate the gorgeousness in amazing rides and experiences.

Current Imagineer thinking is to put the new lands directly behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a roller coaster located in Frontierland. The Imagineers seem to think the Encanto/Coco enchanted land would be perfect in the wild west area. Both Encanto and Coco have strikingly similar art and themes, which would make them perfect to pair up, and use the color, dance, music, and majesty of Colombia and Mexico in a celebration of Latino heritage.

What Else Might Disney Create?

There are other possible new lands coming to Disney World besides villains or a combined Coco/Encanto area. While it has been delayed for a few years because of the pandemic, Disney revealed Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, another gem by Walt Disney Animation Studios, is going to replace the out-of-date Splash Mountain ride.

The company filed the permits for a revamp just this week. The ride revamp will take place in Frontierland and is expected to open in late 2024, but no possible opening dates have been announced yet. Speaking of revamps, it appears the popular Haunted Mansion and its Hatbox Ghost are getting a redo as well, with new features and lighting to update the spooky dark ride.

There are a few other Disney land and attraction rumors floating around. It looks like the TRON Lightcycle ride at Walt Disney World is fully under construction, with an expected opening date in late 2023. The company also rolled out the variable pricing plan via Disney Genie +.

While this is a wonderful discount, it remains to be seen if this idea is here to stay. The Genie + tool is also scheduled to be rolled out onto the Disney Cruise Lines early next year as well, so people can make charges and sign up for attractions and events from their watches.

Are There Any Other Updates or Revamps to Disney’s Attractions?

Several favorite Disney attractions have gotten facelifts post-pandemic or new features. Toy Story Land is getting a Roundup Rodeo BBQ for all of those hungry Buck and Woody fans. The nighttime show at Disney World has been revamped with fireworks and a spectacular light show.

Star Wars fans are raving about the new themed hotel the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser at Hollywood Studios with an extra-long reservations wait, along with the already extremely popular Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge land. Epcot, not to be outdone, introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind roller coaster. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the base for the new Avatar VR experience, as well as the exciting Dinoland USA.

Disney Springs is getting a new restaurant called Summer House by mid 2023. Even the famous Cinderella Castle got a revamped look, just in time for the 50th anniversary of Disney World this year. In short, there’s a lot of new to see and do at the Disney Resorts this season.

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